Chase County Commissioners to reevaluate Solid Waste Agency contract

| 10/19/2016 |

By Diane Stamm

The Wauneta Breeze

Chase County Commissioners Chuck Vette and Don Weiss, Jr. met Oct. 11 for the commissioners’ regular meeting.

Weiss came to the meeting following a meeting of the Southwest Nebraska Solid Waste Agency. Weiss would like the City of Imperial and county representatives and lawyers to meet and discuss the city/county interlocal agreement, saying that the agency has “outgrown” the contract.

Chase County Attorney Arlan Wine said it would be good to look at the entire project and see how the parts make the whole.

Currently the county owns the equipment and the city provides the labor. The county also bought the land and deeded it over to the agency.

Weiss reported that the city has been adding more recycling center labor hours and wants to charge the county.

The county approved the purchase of a new trash trailer for over $80,000 in February.Weiss said the city believes the county gave the old trash trailer to the city.

In September 2014, Imperial Councilman John Arterburn and Clerk/Administrator Jo Leyland attended a commissioner’s meeting to discuss the arrangement. Both felt the city was bankrolling the program.

At that time, Leyland said accounts payable by the city for the Solid Waste Agency was $1,650,071 and $325,348 by the county. Imperial was reimbursed $200,000 in 2013-2014, while the county received $60,000 in the same period.

Then-commissioner Jodi Thompson said, during the 2014 meeting, the county does a lot to help the city. Thompson singled out the dispatch center, adding that if the city wants to get “nitpicky” then research should be done as to which entity pays which expenses.

Records to be rescanned

Following an inspection this spring, Chase County Clerk Debbie Clark’s department will be looking for a way to better preserve its archives, such as mortgages and deeds.

Though brown tone and silver duplicating the records would be the cheapest option, $1,040, the process would need to be redone at some point as the duplicates would deteriorate.

A second option would be to rescan all the documents and save them electronically as tif files. The commissioners chose this process which is expected to cost $11,820.80 and will last indefinitely.

Either method would qualify for use of Register of Deeds Preservation and Modernization Fund monies. The fund was established by the Nebraska State Auditor’s Office and became effective in 2013.

Other inspections

Vette and Weiss also reviewed inspections of the courthouse and county shops.

NIRMA inspections of the shops came back with “nickle and dime stuff.” County workers will work through the list of citations making corrections and repairs.

Corrections have already been made following the elevation inspection results, according to Clark. Chase County Emergency Manager Duane Dreiling will be asked to perform and maintain a monthly fire service test log, the only deficiency remaining from the inspection.

The inspection of the fire sprinkler system in the courthouse came up with repairs that need to be made. Clark indicated she would look into businesses to make the repairs.

The next meeting of the Chase County Commissioners will be Oct. 25 at 8 a.m. in the Chase County Courthouse.