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'The Banjo Player' painting is Best of Show PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   
Tuesday, 27 March 2012 21:25

This year’s Best of Show honors in the Phillips County Arts Council’s recent show go to Sheila Phelps of Peetz with her oil painting entitled “The Banjo Player.”

Best of Show and Best of each level art pieces are pictured from the March 23-25 Phillips County Art Show in Holyoke. Best of Show awards are pictured from top right, 1st place, “The Banjo Player” by Sheila Phelps of Peetz, oil on canvas, advanced division; 2nd place, “Wings of a Dove,” sculpture/bronze by Mardelle Espinoza of Denver, professional division; and 3rd place, at bottom of photo, “Musical Brotherhood” by Steve Parrish of Sterling, oil on canvas, professional division. Starting at far left and moving across the top of the photo are “An Imaginary World,” handmade ceramics by Kathryn L. Wernsman of Haxtun, Best of Professional; “Naidaisan,” pencil by Caryl Harvey of Holyoke, Best of Advanced; and “August Tides,” traditional photography by Leslie Jordan of Holyoke, Best of Amateur.  —Enterprise photo

A nice display of art from area residents was entered in the March 23-25 show held at Holyoke High School. The general show displayed 200 pieces of artwork from 62 artists, while the student show included 170 pieces of art.

Second-place Best of Show honors went to Mardelle Espinoza of Denver with her sculpture “Wings of a Dove,” and third-place Best of Show went to Steve Parrish of Sterling with his oil painting “Musical Brotherhood.”

Kathryn Wernsman of Haxtun received Best of Professional with her ceramics piece “An Imaginary World.” Best of Advanced went to Caryl Harvey of Holyoke with her pencil drawing “Naidaisan.” Leslie Jordan of Holyoke took honors as Best of Beginner with her traditional photography piece “August Tides.”

The Doris Abbey Memorial Award, given by Larry Abbey, was awarded to Tina Simeon of Ogallala, Neb. for her pencil drawing “Blowing off Steam.” The Juror’s Choice Award went to Cindy Musgrave of Wray for her pastel piece “Eagle Head Rock.”

Winning Best of Show for the student projects was 12th-grader Bobby Kugler of Perkins County, Neb. with his Photoshop piece “Filters Variation Problem.”

Winners of each division are listed in order of placings, followed by those earning an honorable mention (HM).


Photography (Traditional)

Professional: Patricia Schulz, Paxton, Neb.

Advanced: Jean Armstrong, Holyoke; Ailene Holloway, Sterling; Galen Clark, Oshkosh, Neb.; Armstrong (HM); Holloway (HM); Gail Hielscher (HM), Holyoke; Bill Day (HM), Lewellen, Neb.

Beginner: Ethan Nelson, Dalton, Neb.; Margaret Evans, Sidney, Neb.; Jody Fenwick, Imperial, Neb.; Nelson (HM); Randi Dyer (HM), Julesburg; Rick Prottsman (HM), Holyoke.

Photography (Enhanced)

Advanced: Sara Atkinson, Fleming; Atkinson; Rita Kleve, Holyoke; Kleve (HM); Coleen Twiss (HM), Wray; Kleve (HM).

Mixed Media

Advanced: Cindy Musgrave, Wray.

Pen and Ink

Professional: Tina Simeon, Ogallala, Neb.


Professional: Tina Simeon, Ogallala, Neb.; Mary Parminter, Holyoke.

Advanced: Linda Schutte, Wray.


Professional: Tina Simeon, Ogallala, Neb.

Advanced: Theresa Conklin, Haxtun; Sheila Phelps, Peetz; Phelps; Phelps (HM).


Advanced: Mary Shimonek, Lemoyne, Neb.


Professional: Mardelle Espinoza, Denver; Nancy Dee, Haxtun.

Advanced: Cindy Musgrave, Wray; Colleen Twiss, Wray; Patti Bohall, Wray; Musgrave (HM); Twiss (HM).


Professional: Lance Wurst, Grant, Neb.; Kathryn Wernsman, Haxtun; Mary Parminter, Holyoke.

Advanced: Caryl Harvey, Holyoke; Patti Bohall, Wray; Jean Welch, Champion, Neb.; Nina Fortkamp (HM), Wauneta, Neb.

Beginner: Ethan Nelson, Dalton, Neb.

Colored Pencil

Advanced: Caryl Harvey, Holyoke; Harvey.


Professional: Kathryn Wernsman, Haxtun; Steve Parrish, Sterling; Bonnie Patterson, Haxtun; Mary Parminter (HM), Holyoke.

Advanced: Nina Fortkamp, Wauneta, Neb.

Beginner: Jenny Watkins, Lemoyne, Neb.; Chuck Dvorak, Haxtun.


Professional: Mardelle Espinoza, Denver; Espinoza.


Advanced: Mary Shimonek, Lemoyne, Neb.


Beginner: Jenny Watkins, Lemoyne, Neb.


Beginner: Louise Krog-Meyer, Holyoke; Leo Ochoa, Holyoke; Ethan Nelson, Dalton, Neb.; Lea Hafliger (HM), Holyoke; Krog-Meyer (HM); Dusty Rushton (HM), Wray.

Student projects

Elementary: Chase Johnson, Holyoke; Lauren Herman, Holyoke; Anna Jelden, Holyoke; Dominique Penzing (HM), Holyoke; Karime Castillo (HM), Holyoke; Emma Roll (HM), Holyoke; Alondra Bencomo (HM), Holyoke; Jillian Warren (HM), Holyoke; Gage Sprague (HM), Holyoke; Josie Schlachter (HM), Holyoke; Kyrah McConachie (HM), Holyoke; Tamara Penzing (HM), Holyoke; Kassidy Porter (HM), Holyoke; Kaitlynn Prelle (HM), Holyoke; Savannah Burris (HM), Holyoke; Andrea Marquez (HM), Holyoke.

Seventh grade: Tristan Sullivan, Holyoke; Tara Krueger, Holyoke; Megan Humphreys, Holyoke; Zachary Churchwell (HM), Holyoke; Brook Prottsman (HM), Holyoke; Mackenzie Thompson (HM), Holyoke.

Eighth grade: Roni Beavers, Holyoke; Xander Nelson, Holyoke; Dominic Krogmeier, Holyoke; Dakota Gipson (HM), Holyoke; Kaitlyn Lenhart (HM), Holyoke; Tony Roberts (HM), Holyoke.

Ninth grade: Sabrina Lousberg, Fleming; Dusty Rushton, Wray; Alexandria McCallum, Holyoke; Samantha Snogren (HM), Perkins County; McCall Etl (HM), Fleming; Kaleb Gaar (HM), Perkins County; Taylor Peery (HM), Wray; Paulyna Alcorn (HM), Wray.

Tenth grade: Dominique Slack, Fleming; Carra Johnson, Perkins County; John Cardenas, Wray; Chase Miyamoto (HM), Perkins County; Capri Meyer (HM), Perkins County; Rachel Carrig (HM), Perkins County; Brittney Prottsman (HM), Holyoke; Louise Krog-Meyer (HM), Holyoke; Alex Buchanan (HM), Wray.

Eleventh grade: Krystal Shelton, Fleming; Courtny Dickerson, Haxtun; Brittney Mahnke, Haxtun; Britanie Meredith (HM), Fleming; Ashley Weese (HM), Wray; Lindsay Helgoth (HM), Holyoke; Matisyn Humphrey (HM), Perkins County; Myranda Wisdom (HM), Fleming; Baiqian Zhang (HM), Fleming; Dickerson (HM); Lea Hafliger (HM), Holyoke.

Twelfth grade: Naomi Schmitt, Perkins County; Casey Lake, Perkins County; Emily Bradley, Holyoke; Andrew Lightsey (HM), Fleming; Marquel Gueck (HM), Haxtun; KrisAnna Ham (HM), Holyoke; Kristin Beck (HM), Perkins County; Jeff Allen (HM), Fleming; Alyx Daily-Johnson (HM), Fleming; Gabby Patrick (HM), Perkins County.

Holyoke Enterprise March 29, 2012