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Data-driven dialogue enhances CSAP response PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brenda Johnson Brandt   
Data-driven dialogue amongst Holyoke School District staff kicked off the 2009-2010 school year in a progressive mode.

Supt. Bret Miles gave a thorough evaluation report of Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP) test results for 2009 at the Aug. 18 meeting of the Board of Education.

With that, Miles described the staff’s data-driven dialogue from inservice sessions just prior to the start of the school year. He said there’s been 100 percent engagement of staff, as they utilize the information reflected in the CSAP results to determine areas to focus their instruction.

Results of all 27 CSAP tests taken by Holyoke students in grades 3-10 in 2009 were reviewed thoroughly by Miles. Accompanying graphs were part of his presentation.

He concluded nine of 27 tests were at or above proficient and advanced state averages, and 15 of 27 tests were at or below unsatisfactory state averages. Eight tests were either one or two students away from meeting state average.

In cross sectional year-to-year comparisons (i.e. comparing last year’s third grade tests to this year’s third grade tests), Holyoke showed improvement on 10 of 27 tests on proficient and advanced scores. Lower unsatisfactory percentages were noted on 14 of 27 tests.

The longitudinal year-to-year comparison is where Holyoke student results were low this year, noted Miles. This compares last year’s third grade results to this year’s fourth grade results. Miles pointed out it’s not exactly the same kids, as some may have moved in or out of the district, but basically it’s the same core group of students.

On only one of 20 tests did the proficient and above improve from the previous year, and on only seven of 20 did the unsatisfactory percentages improve.

Supt. Miles said the state has initiated a new growth data report which will further investigate the longitudinal development of individual classes and students. A growth data report will be given by Miles at the Sept. 1 board meeting.

Along that line, board member Kris Camblin asked for a summary of fourth grade and sixth grade growth, in reference to adding a third fourth-grade section and moving the sixth grade to the junior high for the 2008-09 school year.

Fourth graders clearly showed improvement, particularly in math and reading in terms of percentage of class testing proficient and above, compared to their third grade scores.

While sixth graders showed a drop in numbers that were proficient and advanced from their fifth grade testing, they did test better than the previous year’s sixth graders in reading, Miles pointed out.

Scoring lower than the previous year was the norm in Holyoke this year, so the fact sixth graders had lower proficient and advanced numbers than they did in fifth grade does not necessarily lead to good conclusion-making.

Miles said the growth model could show more, but at this point the data for sixth graders is not sufficient for showing whether or not the move to the junior high affected achievement.

He added the district will certainly be looking at the data in an effort to improve the longitudinal growth districtwide.

Further data discussion on each of the 27 tests showed gender achievement gaps in the difference between male and female testing. Results also noted the gap in hispanic/white achievement results.

Future data analysis, according to Miles, will see further breakdown of the hispanic and English Language Learner data. Additionally, status results will be analyzed with mobility and stability as variables.

JR/SR High Principal Susan Ortner added they’ve enjoyed the data dialogue process, and the continuation of that conversation will be interesting. Elementary Principal Kyle Stumpf said a number of K-5 staff members indicated their excitement for delving deeper into the data.


Bus loan authorized

Supt. Miles explained the 2010 budget calls for a capital reserve expenditure for two buses. The arrangement is for one payment to be handled in the current fiscal year and the second payment in the next fiscal year, on July 1, 2010.

Miles noted appreciation for local banks which put forth their best effort for bids. Miles recommended the First Pioneer National Bank bid, as it had the lowest interest rate and the next payment would be due July 1, 2010.

Going with the recommendation, the school board authorized board president and secretary to secure a loan with First Pioneer to finance the purchase of one 2010 Bluebird 54-passenger school bus in the amount of $75,000 at a rate of 3.94 percent interest for up to a total loan amount of $77,815.

Payment due date is July 1, 2010, and two 2010 Bluebird 54-passenger school buses will be utilized as collateral to secure the loan.


Organizational chart revised

Revisions to a staff organizational chart which is a policy exhibit were presented at last week’s board meeting. Supt. Miles said the revised exhibit will be an agenda item for approval Sept. 1.

The previous exhibit didn’t list the alternative school director nor director of curriculum and assessments, so those two positions were added.

Other proposed changes note the grounds supervisor will no longer be under the maintenance supervisor, and custodians were moved under the building principals.

A new segment of the chart is advisory, with five committees listed under it: leadership team, budget, standard of excellence, budget and facilities and Supt. advisory.


Other business

In other business Aug. 18, the Re-1J board:

—acknowledged appreciation to Bank of Colorado for donation of protective gear for the football team at a cost of $1,050.

—noted teachers Andrea Kammer and Sandra Rahe are completing internships for becoming school principals, and they will be attending school board meetings regularly.

—approved application for Type V substitute teaching authorization for Amanda Bennett and Penny Johnson.

—approved nonresident students Caleb Deaver from Logan County and Christian Swenson, Bailey Hamaker and Dalton and Darlee McMurrin from Haxtun School District; and transportation request for Hamaker.

—received homeschool notification from Jamie Hahlweg for her children, Jessica and Christopher.