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HHS student ACT scores compared to state results PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brenda Johnson Brandt   
ACT results — 2009 juniors
Subject      Holyoke    State
English      19.7         19.0
Math         20.5         19.8
Reading     20.8         20.4
Science      19.9         20.1
Composite  20.4         20.0

In 2001, the ACT test became the statewide assessment for all juniors.

At the Sept. 15 meeting of the Re-1J School Board, Supt. Bret Miles reviewed the 2009 results for HHS students, as compared to state results.

He said the real work will come in defining the district’s goals in terms of the accomplishments. The Standards of Excellence committee has met to begin that process.

Next year’s results will have a comparison as to where the district expected the test results to be.

The ACT measures student knowledge and skills in the areas of English, math, reading and science. It also provides a composite score which averages the results from all the content areas on a scale of 1-36.

As juniors, the Class of 2010 fell short of the state average only in science testing. Holyoke’s composite was 20.4, while the state average was 20.0.

This year’s seniors recorded the best average at HHS over the past five years in reading and composite scores.

Supt. Miles also reported gender and ethnicity comparisons in the junior ACT exam results.

Girls outperformed the boys in every test area except math, with the biggest gap being in reading.

Local girls outachieved other girls in the state in every category, while HHS boys outachieved the state averages in English and math.

While Holyoke white students outachieved Hispanic students in every category, the HHS white students fell a litle short of the state averages of white student test scores.

Miles pointed out it’s a celebration in that the district’s Hispanic testers out-achieved the state average in reading, science and composite scores.

Another set of statistics compared core or “college prep” students and non-core students.

Holyoke’s core student average was higher in every area than the state averages, and non-core outperformed the state averages, as well.

HHS juniors last year had a higher percentage of college-readiness than the state in college English composition, college algebra and college social science, but lower in college biology and meeting all four.

Looking at the HHS Class of 2009, the junior ACT test score averages all improved in senior ACT testing. However, the senior trends showed last year’s graduating class didn’t quite make the state averages.

Summarizing last year’s junior ACT results, Supt. Miles emphasized the following points:

­—improved over 2008 on three of four tests.

—improved over 2008 composite test by 1.3.

—girls composite 21.3 better than state by 1.2.

—boys composite 19.4 lower than state by 0.5.

—ethnic gap­ white 20.7/Hispanic 17.0.

—college ready higher than state on three of four tests.

—13 percent of Holyoke juniors college ready (state 19 percent).