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Asthma is a learning process for Hielscher family PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chris Lee   
Asthma is something people don’t deal with or even think about until it hits close to home. For Gordon and Misty Hielscher’s family, asthma is a relatively new thing.

Four-year-old Dylan was diagnosed with asthma about eight months ago, right after his fourth birthday.

Dylan’s mom, Misty said he came down with a cold. She thought to herself that it was just your normal cough but it wouldn’t go away. She took him to see Judy Sudmeier at Melissa Memorial Hospital to get checked out. Sudmeier suggested he showed signs of allergies or asthma and gave Dylan some antibiotics. Misty said they did the job but a couple of weeks later the cough came back.

A trip to Greeley to visit with an allergist confirmed it. Dylan had asthma. He wasn’t quite old enough to use a spirometer to check for asthma but a chest x-ray helped with the diagnosis.

Misty said Dylan uses an inhaler every night to help with the asthma. She said the biggest concern is when he develops a cold. There hasn’t been a time when he has had an attack other than when he was diagnosed.

Asthmatics usually are susceptible to dust and other things but Dylan doesn’t seem to be bothered by anything out of the ordinary. Misty said he was allergic to some of the medications he was given in the beginning.

Soccer was something Dylan loved to play prior to being diagnosed with asthma so he was forced to sit out. But Misty said he has picked up the game again after getting everything cleared up.

Dylan is only 4 but he knows when something is wrong. His mom said he recently began showing signs of a cold and was coughing and he knew something could happen as a result of the cold.

The Hielschers carry a rescue inhaler and luckily to this day he hasn’t had to use it.

Dylan has been seeing the allergist every two months but was recently told he could cut his visits back and won’t see the doctor again until February.

Dylan’s dad Gordon has shown signs of asthma but it doesn’t affect him much either. Other than his dad, asthma hasn’t been seen in the family.

Misty said she thought Sudmeier did a great job of catching it the first time they went in to see her. “I would have never put that cough to asthma,” she said.

Misty said they received the Asthma Toolkit when they first went into the hospital. She said after reading the information everything came into perspective and she could see he definitely had the symptoms.