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Dealing with the loss of loved ones PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

Dear Editor,

Recently I read a letter to the editor, which concerned a terrible experience. A young man was lucky to survive to tell us his story. This young man lived through a nightmare, that was caused by a careless thoughtless person. A drunk driver.

I also lost a nephew and niece due to drunk drivers. My nephew was riding his bike home from work, he lived in the state of Illinois. My niece was 15 and lived in Michigan and was walking with three friends on the sidewalk when a drunk driver went onto the sidewalk killing her and injuring her friends. The woman served one year jail time and a fine and is probably still driving to this day. “I wonder if they even think of what they have done?”

Since I moved from Sedgwick County in 1969, there have been a lot of terrible accidents which caused death or caused many injuries and handicaps. Not only here in Phillips County but other surrounding counties also.

Also there have been a lot of suicides. I think people who threaten to take their lives because they are angry, depressed or can’t cope with the hardships in life should be put in a good rehabilitation facility until they learn to cope with life. For God gives us life and only he takes our life when the time comes.

We as parents, grandparents, great grandparents, foster parents or adoptive parents do the best we can to raise them. Sacrifice whatever we can afford to see that they have an education. Pay doctors bills, clothes, groceries, utilities, etc.

Although we as parents or those who have had the pleasure of love and happy times raising our children have had to work all our lives. Lack of sleep, we had to work late nights or very early mornings. “Why?” Well just as our parents did for us so we could have an education and have what we needed in our way of living.

I got married when I was 21 years old. I worked since the age of 8. We had very hard times. We helped our parents. We never had money to spend. $5 a month was a fortune to me.

No matter how tough the times were for us, we never thought of causing needless worries for our parents.

Now I am so disappointed, shocked, very sad and perplexed that we have to mourn, grieve, cry and sit late at night and wonder why. Those who commit suicide leave the ones who loved them to face the questions without answers.

I don’t think alcohol should be sold or served to one who has already been drinking more than they should.

Prescription drugs should only be given by a doctor and put in a safe place. If at home, the patient should be given the prescription only by an authorized family member with permission or doctor’s knowledge.

More potent drugs such as cannabis, morphine, etc. should only be administered by a licensed doctor at the hospital or clinic or the doctor comes to the home of the patient and not let them do it themselves.

God bless our country.

God bless everyone.


Sincerely yours,

Eufracia Secrist