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2008 weather largely similar to last year PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jes-C Brandt   
    The 2007 weather report depicted the year as mild, and predicted similar weather for 2008. This year has, however, brought higher highs, more precipitation and an equally chilling low. Most striking were the higher amount of variation in temperature and lower amounts of snowfall than the previous year.
    National Weather Service official weather observer Dan Kafka reported the daily highs and lows, as well as precipitation and snowfall for the area. Kafka’s report showed the low of 2008 at 18 degrees below just last month, Dec. 16. Other subzero temperatures occurred Jan. 22 at 9 below and Feb. 6 at 5 below.
    January kicked off 2008 with a chilly average minimum of 10 degrees. Maximum temperatures for the month were still near freezing, at an average of 36. Similar weather brought 2008 to a close. December’s minimum and maximum averages were 9 and 38.
    Summer months showed some high temperatures, but the monthly averages were rather mild. The hottest day of 2008 was reported in the middle of summer, Aug. 3 at 107. Summer began with high temperatures, with June’s high at 95 on June 27.
    Hot temperatures persisted throughout summer, with July’s high of 102 on July 21; and September’s high of 90 on Sept. 1,2,23 and 29.
    Overall, weather was mild as predicted. Monthly average lows ranged from 9 to 59 degrees, and the average highs had a range of 36 to 92.
    Increased precipitation was noted from 2006 to 2007. Similarly, 2008 had greater precipitation than 2007, but the difference was minimal. Total precipitation for the year was 19.87 inches.
    August was a month of extremes, holding the year’s high as well as the wettest month, at 4.21 inches of precipitation. April through July all had over 2 inches, and September and October had over 1 inch. The lowest precipitation was .02 inches in January.
    For all the similarities between the years 2007 and 2008, snowfall was not one of them. There were days in 2007 with 4 or 5 inches of snowfall, and the snowfall for the month of December alone was an astounding 18 inches. The year 2008, however, had a total of only 22.1 inches for the whole year.
    The snowiest months of 2008 were March, April, November and December. March had the highest, with 5.9 inches. November followed with 4.8. April and December both had over 3 inches of snowfall. January, February, May and October each had around 1 inch of snow.