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Joe Kinnie in commissioner race; Roll Walters withdraws PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brenda Johnson Brandt   
Expecting to take a vote for their District One Commissioner candidate, Phillips County Republicans were in for a surprise at the March 27 County Assembly when incumbent Susan Roll Walters withdrew from the race.

As a result, Joe Kinnie was chosen as the sole candidate to represent the party on the Republican Primary Election ballot in August.

Kinnie had just made his intent to seek election known a week earlier and is dedicated in his pledge to serve the county.

Roll Walters told the gathered Republicans she has had a great eight years in office, the Republicans have a good candidate and she has other things she can do. She added she believes in term limits.

Roll Walters said she will still serve on her community-appointed boards including Eastern Colorado Services for the Developmentally Disabled and Baby Bear Hugs.


Other nominations approved

Four incumbents for county office were unopposed in their re-election intent and all were chosen to represent the party. This includes Beth Cumming, County Clerk; Linda Statz, County Treasurer; Doug Kamery, County Assessor; and Rob Urbach, County Sheriff.

There were no Republican candidates nominated for either County Surveyor or County Coroner.


Assembly delegates ratified

During Saturday’s County Assembly, nine delegates to higher assemblies were ratified from those who were selected at precinct caucuses March 16. In addition, nine alternates were elected.

Phillips County delegates will attend assemblies for House District 65, where Jerry Sonnenberg is up for re-election; State Senate District 1, where Greg Brophy is up for re-election; and the 4th Congressional District, where a candidate will be chosen to run for the seat currently held by Democrat Betsy Markey. All these assemblies will be held May 21 in Loveland.

Delegates will also attend the State Assembly in Loveland May 22, where Republican candidates for Governor and U.S. Senate will be selected.

Delegates include Deb Carlstrom, Steve Young, Randy Beal, Curt Parker, Monse Conde, Larry Haynes, Roland Barkey, Doug Kamery and Deb Dusenbury-Dorren.

Alternate delegates are Mark Phillips II, John Ortner, Lonnie Carlstrom, Mark Erin Phillips, Toby Thompson, Olga Conde, Michael Dorren, Sheila Gift and Susan Roll Walters.

Precinct committee people who were selected at precinct caucuses were ratified at Saturday’s county assembly. They include Keith Sagehorn, Steve Young, Mary Belle Rafert, Ellie Beal, Kim Killin, Deb Carlstrom, Monse Conde, Julie Wiebke, Matt Meusborn, Brad Michael, Roland Barkey, Rob Urbach, Arnold Constance, Gary Koch, Deb Dusenbury-Dorren and Sheila Gift.

These precinct committee people, along with all elected Republican county officials, make up the Phillips County Republican Central Committee. Its officers are chairman Carlstrom, vice chair Killin, secretary Conde and treasurer Barkey.


Two resolutions passed

Two resolutions brought forward by precinct one were passed by the assembly.

Resolution 1 touts a belief in the American capitalistic, private, competitive enterprise system; opposes legislation that would allow public access to or through private property without permission of the property owner; and opposes any regulations that encroach on the rights of private property owners.

Resolution 2 notes the Republican party has long stood for constitutional and founding principles, and seeks a return to the basic natural laws and freedoms.

It emphasizes the framers of the U.S. Constitution believed that a government elected from the citizens to represent themselves and hold their liberties sacred from a tyrannical abuse of power was the best form of government.


Candidates address assembly

Several officials and candidates or their representatives addressed the county assembly Saturday.

Jerry Sonnenberg spoke for himself and for Ken Buck who is running for U.S. Senate. Greg Brophy spoke for himself and for Scott McInnis, running for Governor.

Don Ament spoke on behalf of his son, J.J. Ament, who is running for State Treasurer; CU Regent hopeful Sue Sharkey’s husband spoke for her; Mark Phillips spoke on behalf of Cory Gardner, who is running for Congress from the 4th Congressional District; and a letter from U.S. Senate hopeful Jane Norton was read by Lonnie Carlstrom.