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Written by Chris Lee   

Oh, the madness

Sixty-four. The number of teams in the NCAA tournament. March. A month in which cinderella stories and heartbreaks are made.

This time of year is just another period of time when Vegas gets busy. Brackets are filled out, office pools are created and people glue their eyes to the television. March brings many people together, whether it’s watching the games, betting money or simply talking with others about the previous night’s games.

It’s a time of year many sports nuts look forward to. Heck, some people I know don’t even watch college basketball until March. They simply don’t care about the rest of the season, just March. (I’m one of those people).

Normally, you don’t hear much about the women’s NCAA tournament. It pretty much gets pushed to the back to make room for the buzzer-beaters, cinderella stories and huge upsets of the men’s tournament.

This year, that doesn’t ring true with fans who have had the pleasure of following the Nebraska women’s team. After finishing the regular season with an unbelievable, not to mention pretty dang surprising, 29-0 record and regular season conference title, they entered the Big 12 tournament with hopes of claiming that title too. Well, they didn’t. Texas A&M took them down in the semifinals. That didn’t derail them however from earning a No. 1 seed in the big dance.

A team that until this year had never advanced further than the second round, finally won those two all important first games to advance to the sweet 16. Sadly, they hit the floor Sunday night and well, didn’t really show up. They were taken down by a fairly good Kentucky team. They finished the season with an impressive 32-2 record.

The Husker women have made Nebraska fans proud. Yes, it might possibly be a one and done thing but it has been a fun ride.

This has been pretty cool to follow because lets face it, Nebraska is NOT known for its college basketball teams. Let me rephrase that. UNL has not been known for its basketball teams. The Creighton Blue Jays have been in the field of 64 more times than the Big Red. Nebraska 6, Creighton 16.

This time of year was a big month for my friends and me growing up in school. There were two teachers (I will keep them anonymous so they can keep their jobs) that let us watch the games during class. They pretty much put basketball on their lesson plans.

We always looked forward to “blank” and “blank’s” classes. I had a study hall with “blank” so I got to watch basketball in three of my class periods during the day.

When we were in sixth grade, we busted out the markers and drew up signs to tape to our desks. My class was full of Creighton “fans” while the class next door were all Duke “fans.” I use the term fans loosely, we were really just a bunch of bandwagoners. When Creighton lost, we tore our signs down and quickly made Duke signs to be cool like the other class.

I read last week they are thinking about expanding the infamous field of 64 to 96! That means a couple of things. One—there will be no more 1 vs. 16 games to look forward to. Not that it matters because since the 1 vs. 16 games began, never has a 16 seed upset a 1 seed. Two—teams that own .500 records or worse may be selected to the field. Three—there will be more games to watch with more madness!

Get ready basketball fans, the men’s final four kicks off Saturday!