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City Code Chatter — Keep a close eye on Fido PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chris Lee   
Spring is here and as everyone begins to enjoy being outdoors working in yards and walking dogs, it is important the community remember about a municipal ordinance.

The ordinance dealing with dogs requires all dogs harbored within the city limits to be vaccinated and licensed.

City licenses may be purchased from the city office for a minimal charge and are good for two years. Licenses are required to be affixed to the dog’s collar for ease in identification.

Code Enforcement Officer Dawn Worley said 2009 saw an impressive increase in the number of licensed dogs compared to previous years.

Vaccinations become a big issue this year as there has been an incident involving a dog and a skunk with rabies.

Over the past few years the health department has seen an increase in instances of rabies and within the last month, released a warning to the public confirming cases in Phillips County.

An incident where a rabid skunk charged a homeowner and their dog was reported mid March. The skunk wound up biting the dog southwest of Haxtun.

Worley said rabies is going to become an issue.

Rabies is a virus that affects the nervous systems of humans and mammals and can result in a fatal disease. More information can be obtained from Worley, the Northeastern Colorado Health Department or a veterinarian.

Another issue related to the ordinance are dogs at large. Dogs are not allowed to run off the premises of the owner and not within a vehicle or other confinement. Dogs must be accompanied by and under the immediate control of the owner or keeper, either by leash, cord or chain.

Public/municipal properties, parks, cemeteries, schools and the courthouse lawn are included in the ordinance.

Pet owners who allow their dogs to run at large may be issued a citation as is defined by ordinance. As a courteous reminder, if one chooses to walk their dog in public places, clean up after them.

State statutes require pets to have access to fresh water throughout the day, appropriate shade and/or cover from the weather and adequate room to move.

Dog clinic June 19

The annual dog clinic will be held at the Holyoke Vet Clinic Saturday, June 19 where shots and licenses can be purchased.

“It’s a great time to get everything done,” Worley said.

Anyone with questions or concerns with this or any ordinance may contact Worley at 854-3232.

Those interested in seeing a code discussed or explored in future CCC articles should contact the Enterprise office at 854-2811.

City-wide cleanup and tree limbs are to be addressed in the next CCC article.