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Pepsi Refresher Project could net $25,000 in area PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brenda Johnson Brandt   
Golden Plains Area Extension has submitted a $25,000 project funding request to Pepsi. It was posted Saturday, May 1 at the Pepsi Refresher Project website.

Votes will be tabulated throughout the month of May to determine which projects are funded.

Residents are encouraged to vote daily for the area extension project which involves two educational projects: Ag Fest and Community Garden Effort.

Linda Langelo submitted the online application for the area project, and it was accepted May 1. So the voting begins.

Here’s how to vote:

1. Go to

2. Sign in and click the orange button called Education on the right-hand side of the screen.

3. Click on the $25,000 funding category on the left side of the screen.

4. Find Project “Educate Youth in Food Production in 7 Counties in Colorado.” The project number will change, based on the ranking.

5. Vote for the project, and create a password for your sign-in.

Each day during the month of May, one vote may be cast from each e-mail address.

Langelo pointed out educating both children and the communities about food production and raising their own food is a worthy project among the many worthy projects nationwide.

Support through votes will be appreciated and will certainly make a difference on whether the $25,000 project is funded.


Project focus explained

Ag Fest involves teaching the practical application of science and math behind agriculture to fifth and sixth graders. Students at multiple locations take a hands-on educational journey by visiting 10 stations during their day-long visit.

A mix of 10 different extension agents and specialists teach concepts at each station. Some of the concepts covered are embryology, biodiesel, honeybees and life cycle of a codling moth on apple production, among others.

Extension piloted Ag Fest last month in three locations and will seek funding to repeat the program in 2011 and to extend the number of locations.

Extension is asking Pepsi to fund $10,000 for this project to cover teaching materials and travel.

The second project in “Educate Youth in Food Production in 7 Counties in Colorado” is the Community Garden Effort throughout the Golden Plains Area.

Extension is educating people and families about how to raise their own food. They help supply the local foods and have started selling some of the produce raised.

A community garden is in its fourth year in Holyoke, and a garden in Yuma is in its second year.

However, newer community gardens are being established in Burlington, Akron and Julesburg, which all need initial money for help to purchase tools, sheds and more.

Pepsi is being asked for $15,000 for the community garden effort.

Funding for the following will be allocated to each garden as needed: tools and tool storage, other equipment, seeds and programming given by the horticulture associate.


Pepsi giving away $20 million

Pepsi is giving away $20 million this year, into January 2011. Every month, Pepsi is accepting up to 1,000 projects through voting at the Pepsi Refresher Project website.

Langelo said the Golden Plains Area project needs enough votes to be in the top 10 projects in its funding category this month.

While a person gets 10 votes a day, only one for each e-mail address can go to supporting the Extension’s project.

Langelo encourages people from the seven-county area of Golden Plains Extension to spread the word and get the vote out for “Educate Youth in Food Production in 7 Counties in Colorado.”