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Written by Chris Lee   

It’s that time again

School is out, kids are playing with friends, taking trips, preparing for college and more.

The summer months are just around the corner and it’s time to prep for all those summer activities. Fair, ball games, camps, camping trips, summer jobs and other trips with friends have been marked on the calendar.

From my experience, summer always, and I mean always, goes by wayyyy to fast. I remember my high school days when we would jolt out the doors of the school in May and drag our feet and sour faces through those same doors in late August. ‘Where did the time go?”

I only went to the golf course five times, lake twice, ball season flew by and we didn’t do too hot, next thing you know, you are school shopping with Mom and Dad which means the first day of school can’t be more than two weeks out.

For the recent high school graduates, some are thinking they absolutely can’t wait until they move into their dorm at college in three or so months. Some are dreading that dramatic change in life when they move away from Mom and Dad for the first time. No matter the side, the time will come sooner than you think.

Some students slave away during the summer earning that green stuff while others enjoy the nicer weather and have fun with friends. Some do both.

Summer means freedom to some. The freedom to not pick up a book for three months, not think about math, science or geography or keep in shape for the fall sports.

Others, just the opposite. Boning up on school work for a summer camp or similar thing. Perfecting that jump shot or hitting the weights also are on the minds of some students.

There will be the students who go on a really cool vacation with their parents and family and will have all the stories come fall when school starts. The trip might turn out to be one you add to your “bucket list.”

When school finally does start back up, you will see some of your classmates you didn’t see more than a handful of times during the summer. Another big part of back-to-school are the news shoes and clothes.

When you go and get the pair of new jeans or the latest pair of sweet kicks, don’t get them dirty, they have to be in tip top shape come debut time at school in the fall.

All I am really saying is get out and have fun this summer. Enjoy the nice (knock on wood) weather, have fun with friends and enjoy everything this awesome community has to offer.

No matter what, enjoy the summer months, live it up and have fun. It goes by entirely too quick.

Oh, and remember to listen to your mother and wear your sunscreen. I’m 24 and still hear that.