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Written by Lori Pankonin, The Imperial Republican   

Attitude plays huge part with unexpected changes

It’s amazing how attitude is the key to how life progresses when there’s a

change in the plan. Weather can often times be that change. And we should all know by now that we have no control over Mother Nature. So if weather throws a curve, you have a choice to get angry or to just deal with it.

We had planned a staff party with families at Enders Lake. Preparation happened as planned, and people started arriving. Horse shoes were flying in some intense competition. The wind invited itself as did the bugs, but the sun was shining and relaxing had begun.

I was gathering some things at the cabin when the wind picked up and it was looking rather nasty. Should I go on down to the beach or will everyone be coming up? The “relaxing” setting was becoming less and less of a reality.

I did join the group on the beach and we soon found ourselves rather cozy as we all crowded under the sun shade. It had suddenly turned into a storm shelter, a sideless one. Some of the horse shoe competitors kept at their concentration despite the heavy rain and some of the kids kept swimming, putting extra lifejackets over their heads to eventually dodge the pounding ice. It was just a new venture for them, no hindrance in play time.

Despite having shelter under the sun shade, when nylon was adjusted to better hold the protection, the stored water went gushing over the edge, soaking some of the guests. Again, attitude plays in. You can react in disgust or laugh and remain with the party in a more dampened state.

One of our guests had on a hat and by placing a towel over that, he had his own unique shelter which would have been a great picture opp, if only any of our journalist group would have had a camera.

The rain stopped, then returned, then stopped, then returned, then stopped. And it was gorgeous!! The lake became much more inviting and the boats were put into action, bringing laughs and more fun times. The evening setting was excellent for a steak barbecue and the bugs were dampened by the storm. All was good.

Meanwhile within 10 miles away, the hail was MUCH more severe. Combines were literally in the fields when a demolishing wall approached, thereby destroying crops and equipment in the fields and vehicles, windows, gardens and roofs on the home front.

This wasn’t just a party setting, it was their livelihood. But I heard from more than one affected family . . . “It could be worse.” What a great attitude. Yet, what other options do you have but to accept it?

The same holds true for the opening event of Imeprial’s 125th anniversary celebration. Hours had been spent by committee members erecting a large tent and making a patriotic stage setting, providing ample seating and a neat atmosphere with lots of decorative flower pots.

Contestants for the cake decorating contest stood at their respective tables awaiting the “Go” call to begin their creative work. Whoa! At that final moment, plans were confirmed that the project would have to move inside. And move inside it did.

Tables, cakes and decorative items were moved within minutes. And the rain came down in bucket loads. No, the setting wasn’t as pleasant inside, especially since it was hot with no air moving. After all, there hadn’t been a plan to gather fans for a place that would have been empty and closed up had Mother Nature not stepped in.

People are affected by extreme heat, but you might guess what it does to frosting. Contestants were patient even though some questioned if their masterpieces would hold up through the judging time.

Imaginations were amazing. Talent and creativity were impressive and despite the sudden change in conditions, good attitudes made the fellowship in the whole event happen. The show must go on. And it did!

The evening program moved back outside where we met one of Imperial’s founder’s great grandsons and heard some inspiration from Miss Nebraska.

Attitude. How do you respond to an unexpected situation? You have a choice. Find the bright side or moan. I recommend looking for that silver lining!