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Re-1J first-day student count drops by 19 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brenda Johnson Brandt   
Enrollment in Holyoke School District Re-1J fell by 19 students compared to first-day numbers from the beginning of the 2009-10 school year. Historically, a few students enroll or withdraw right after Labor Day, noted Supt. Bret Miles. As a result, they will have a little better picture of the student number, as well as reasons for it, after that point.

Total school enrollment was 573 as of Tuesday, Aug. 24, after classes began Thursday, Aug. 19. That includes 313 in grades K-6, 246 in grades 7-12 and 14 at Holyoke Alternative High School.

The first week of school one year ago, enrollment was reported at 592.

For state funding purposes, the actual student count is linked to the Oct. 1 enrollment, not this first-week count. The funded full-time equivalent (FTE) student count covers an average of the student numbers for five years. It also counts kindergartners and preschoolers eligible for special education services through BOCES as half students.

First-week counts in the district dropped steadily from 2001-2007, stayed steady in 2008, increased by 32 in 2009 and dropped this year.

Student count in grades 9-12 at HHS is 167 this year, up four from last year’s first-week count of 163. Last year’s first-week Alternative High School count was 11, which has increased to 14 this year.

Numbers dropped in grades K-6 since last year. The 2009 K-6 first-day count was 344, while this year’s is 313, a decrease of 31.

This year’s count in grades 7-12 is 246, up nine from last year’s 237.

Last year, three classes (kindergarten, first and fifth grades) shared largest-class honors with 55 in the first week of school.

This year, the largest class is second grade, with 50 students. Smallest classes this year are eighth grade with 35, fourth grade 37, ninth grade 38 and fifth grade 39. Average class size is 43.

Enrollment in individual grades during the first few days of school for 2010-11 follow:

Kindergarten 48, first grade 47, second grade 50, third grade 46, fourth grade 37, fifth grade 39, sixth grade 46, seventh grade 44, eighth grade 35, freshmen 38, sophomores 45, juniors 41, seniors 43 and Alternative High School 14.

Enrollment for the first week of school in past years compares as follows to the 573 count this year: 592 in 2009, 560 in 2008, 560 in 2007, 572 in 2006 and 622 in 2005.