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Written by Chris Lee   

How sweet it is . . . Part 2

I woke up Monday morning in a very good mood. This rarely happens. But this week is a special week.

OK, so it wasn’t that long ago I wrote about football season beginning but the time is finally here! College football kicks off the 2010 season this week.

Thursday, Sept. 2 marks the first game for my alma mater No. 1 ranked Division II Northwest Missouri State University Bearcats. They host the No. 14 ranked Texas A&M Kingsville Javelinas. Thursday is also a big day for Division I schools. There are 18 games scheduled for Thursday with the last one of the day pitting a troubled USC program against Hawaii.

There are also two games Friday, Sept. 3 and then comes Saturday. Fifty-four games on the schedule. One of those is the coveted CSU-CU game and of course Nebraska kicks off their final year in the Big 12 Conference when they take on Western Kentucky in Lincoln, Neb.

Also occurring Saturday, the Holyoke Dragons travel west to Idaho Springs where they will open their 2010 high school campaign against the Hayden Tigers.

There is going to be football everywhere. What a wonderful time of year!

Usually it is pretty tough to pick myself up out of bed on Saturday mornings but during football season, it is way too easy. College Gameday is a must catch program before the opening kickoff is shown on television.

It’s hard to explain the feeling a sports nut like me gets when their favorite sporting season hits the calendar. Maybe you do, I don’t know. I feel more alive knowing my favorite sport is finally here.

Another interesting part of this time of year is the smack talk that occurs on the social networking site Most everyone is now familiar with the popular website. There was a mixed bag of Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa fans at my college and when it came time for those all-important rivalry games, the Facebook smack talking began.

One of the bigger ones was always the Missouri-Nebraska game. I had fraternity brothers that absolutely despised the Cornhuskers. They wouldn’t let up when engaged in a heated argument about the upcoming game.

Of course Missouri fielded some rather good teams in 2007 and 2008 and thumped the Big Red both years. I remember hanging out with my so called friends before, during and after each of those two games. I was the one backing up my team but after those two horrific losses, I remember sitting there with my friends in complete silence while they ripped into me like a hot knife through butter.

It’s never fun to lose as a fan and really isn’t fun to lose as a player.

I guess it is also important to point out that the NFL regular season will kick off the following week on Thursday, Sept. 9. And of course Denver Bronco fans will be a part of Tebowmania as they continue to purchase the highest selling jersey in the country (Tim Tebow’s #15 Bronco jersey) and see how he will develop moving into the future.

Speaking of Tebow’s jersey, I photographed a wedding this past weekend and the ring bearer came up to me not five minutes after the reception began asking if he was done with photos because he wanted to change out of his tux. I assured him it was fine to do so.

It couldn’t have been three minutes later and here he came, running into the reception wearing shorts, a white Bronco jersey with none other than the number 15 on it and “Tebow” displayed across the back. He was also holding a special Bronco football.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a future die-hard football fan in the making.

I love football season!