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Citizens urge public to consider a 'no' vote on 60, 61 and 101 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

You have no doubt heard about three measures, Amendment 60, 61 and Proposition 101, that will appear on the November 2010 statewide ballot.

Do you know how these amendments and proposition, if passed, would directly affect YOU? —The following services and programs in the City of Holyoke will be limited or curtailed because of the numerous restrictions and revenue reductions proposed by these three measures: street sweeping, repair of pot holes, oiling of streets, seal coating of streets, park watering, golf course watering, cemetery watering, cemetery mowing, park mowing, library maintenance and library mowing.

—These measures would significantly damage Colorado’s special districts, state and local governments from funding their most basic level of services related to safety, water, sanitation, fire protection, education, hospitals, rural health care and transportation.

—These measures drastically limit government’s ability to construct new buildings and infrastructure.

—The ability to finance long-term capital improvements like water and wastewater treatment plants, fire stations, recreational projects and other public facilities are dramatically impaired by the restrictions on debt financing as proposed by Amendment 61.

—Amendments 60 and 61 would slash at least $1 billion annually in state taxes, cutting in half the property tax dollars schools currently receive.

—One of the many components of Amendment 60 would overturn the election decisions made by voters over the last 18 years, creating financial chaos for local communities.

—One of the many components of Amendment 61 eliminates any practical means for state and regional governments to make future road, highway and bridge improvements, or other capital improvements to their districts, such as DIA, colleges and universities, water conservation districts; or improvements to public schools, cities and counties.

—Proposition 101 reduces the vehicle registration fee (annual license plate fee) to a level which would devastate Colorado’s ability to maintain safe roads and bridges, by lowering the fee to the assessment rate from the year 1919.

—These measures individually and collectively significantly reduce or otherwise restrict both state and local revenues in a number of different ways, including but not limited to: specific ownership taxes, telecommunication taxes, state income taxes, state-shared revenues to assist municipalities with local street and transit improvements, other state grants and loans to help local government, and property taxes.

—The cumulative and destructive nature of the three measures ensures that Colorado will surrender its competitive standing to attract large and small employers alike, resulting in little to no economic growth for the state and a steady decline in property values and erosion of the state and local tax base.

You have the power and the opportunity on Nov. 2 to protect the fiscal health of Colorado by voting NO and defeating Proposition 101, Amendment 60 and Amendment 61!

Please visit for more information on these measures.


Orville H. Tonsing
J.R. Bailey
J.C. Peckham
Brian Akey
Steve Moore
Kevin Scott