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Brandt, Simms and Warren team up to run Peerless PDF Print E-mail
Written by Darci Tomky   

New roles at the Peerless Center are Bob Brandt as theater manager,
Sherry Simms as facilities coordinator and Dana Warren as center director.

New, fresh ideas are what the staff at Holyoke’s Peerless Center are all about. Bob Brandt, Sherry Simms and Dana Warren aren’t new to the theater business, but adjustments to duties at the Peerless will hopefully bring good changes for the local business.

The three employees are teaming up to split duties previously held by Laura Schroetlin who is now working at the Phillips County Courthouse.

In addition to his previous roles as chair of the alternate content committee and fundraising coordinator, Brandt is now the theater manager as well. For someone who has a passion for movies, this is a great fit for Brandt as he will be the one coordinating which movies come to the Peerless.

Brandt is committed to getting movies as soon as possible so patrons will have the option of seeing their favorite flicks in Holyoke instead of looking for them out of town soon after they come out.

He also wants to consistently show two titles each week, with the earlier movie geared toward families and the later showing designated for more of the PG-13 and R-rated movies.

Because the Peerless will be getting more movies and will be getting them closer to their release date, Brandt encourages patrons to start using the theater’s website at It has movie trailers available for viewing as well as a list of upcoming movies.

One recent change for opportunities at the Peerless includes showing live Fathom Events on the big screen. Brandt also wants to expand the Peerless as a venue that is not typical to the movie goer, like offering a double feature of horror films on Halloween for example.

Another big change coming in the future is the possibility of digital cinema. Brandt said with digital, the theater will be able to get movies even sooner and will hopefully be able to expand the number of faithful movie patrons, contributing to the long-term survivability of the Peerless. That’s not to mention the huge difference in quality of sound and picture with digital cinema.

Concession stand products are also another big piece of the movie theater puzzle. Simms is continuing her role as concessions manager. She is excited to bring changes to what is offered at the concession stand, and with a background in retail, she knows a business must keep up with the times and change is important.

The Peerless’ widest profit margin comes from concessions sales, so Simms is striving to offer movie patrons what they want to eat and drink at the theater.

Simms is also now the facilities coordinator at the Peerless. She is in charge of booking events in the building including birthday parties, DVD viewings, dance and karate classes and other activities.

The scheduling of volunteers and Peerless employees will all be done by Simms.

She noted it’s vital for the Peerless to have volunteers to help man the concession stand, so anyone interested in helping should contact her at the Peerless.

The final team member is Warren who has taken on the role of Peerless Center director. As the head bookkeeper, her duties include making deposits and paying bills, taxes and employees. She also compiles all the financial information and reports to the Peerless board.

The center director additionally helps with grant writing and makes the box office reports each week.

Brandt, Simms and Warren all said they are excited to see things going in a new direction at the Peerless. They will strive to create endless entertainment possibilities in both traditional and new, exciting ways.