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Fact or Fiction? Car Thieves Caught After Long Chase By The Sheriff PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

These stories from local history are sometimes so extraordinary it’s hard to believe they actually happened. Check out ‘fact or fiction’ stories: they’re actual Enterprise news clips reprinted from the past.

 A Chrysler and two young men giving their names as Clayton brothers, were taken into custody by Sheriff Kramer Wednesday after a chase that lasted almost the entire day. The young men are lodged in the county jail awaiting the arrival of Denver authorities who will return them to Denver for the theft of the Chrysler which they were driving.

Notice was given Sheriff Kramer Tuesday night of the theft of the car in Denver and the belief that they were coming this way. Wednesday morning John Ortner noticed a Chrysler coupe with two occupants parked near his place and at once notified the sheriff who got in action immediately.

On seeing the sheriff’s car approach the two occupants deserted the car and took to the corn field afoot. The sheriff not being very well adapted for cross country work and not right sure that his lung capacity was equal to a second “bunion derby” refused to give chase but circled the section in his car.

All day long the chase continued. The men stayed to the center of the listed fields and shifted sections only when the sheriff was on the opposite side. They worked towards town and finally made it to the fair grounds. The sheriff then got into real action and about 5:30 o’clock last night spotted them hidden behind the power house where he made their capture and they were soon safely lodged in the county jail.

Refusing to discuss details the young men stoutly affirmed that had they had a few more minutes they would have had another car of some sort and would have been on their way without the aid of the sheriff or the law.

No reason was given for the theft of the Chrysler. The young men had plenty of money in their pockets and were apparently not much shaken by being taken into custody. They were pretty well worn out, however, from their long checker game played with the sheriff yesterday.

“Bandits” was the reason attached to the disappearance of the Chrysler in Denver but no such set of facts developed. When rounded up the “bandits” proved to be just a pair of young men about 18 or 19 years of age.

They will be returned to Denver for trial.

Holyoke Enterprise
June 7, 1928