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Inauguration thoughts shared PDF Print E-mail
Written by Eufracia Secrist   
Dear Editor,
    I sat drinking a cup of coffee and listening to the inauguration celebration as we Americans welcomed our 44th president and commander in chief, Barack Obama, which will be recorded as a great day in history.
    I hope and pray he will be strong, will honor the sacred oath and do the best he can as president for all Americans and the welfare of all our citizens and protection of our great United States of America. For we are God’s children and all created equal. We should love our neighbors as ourselves and pray for enemies out of love for Christ.
    We are laborers, and with God to guide us through difficult times, someday there will be peace all over the world. We are Americans of our great United States.
    I could not attend this great day in history, but I felt like I was there. The speeches all seemed positive as promises were made to Americans all over the world.
    Our president holds a great position in the world and will bear a heavy burden on his shoulders as our commander in chief of all armed forces, and also other duties of respective offices, departments, etc.
    It will be a very hard and demanding job for our new president as it was for our former president, who did the best he could, even through criticism, demoralizing, offensive and nonsensical times. He never gave up. He served the best he could as president of our United States.
    I wish the best for our new president as he obtains duties as commander in chief and burdens as president of our United States of America. Also, good luck and farewell to our former president. As he departs, he will never be forgotten.
    God bless our great United States of America. We live in a wonderful country. God protect all our armed forces who sacrifice their lives for all of us.
I am sincerely yours, a proud citizen of our U.S.A.,
Eufracia Secrist