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Trespassing and trash is a concern PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

Dear Editor,

I have moved to a new location here in town. I am renting the home I am in and it is a nice home. The yard was in a bit of a ruin but with some work and elbow grease it will come out of its funk.

The problem I have is that the young people in this neighborhood seem to think my yard is the passage to wherever they are going, plus they think that my yard is the neighborhood dump.

The amount of trash I have picked up around the yard since I have lived here (five months) is equal to what goes out in my trash can every week.

Just last week someone had a nice little pizza party in the middle of my tree cove, and left all of the trash in a nice pile for me to pick up and take to my dumpster, which was about five feet from where they left their trash.

You know, if you want to have a party, the residents should at least get invited and then I could show you where the trash goes.

I have been working really hard to get the yard in shape so I can enjoy it next year. I have plugged it, seeded it, kept it watered and mowed.

It is not very respectful of those of you who think it is OK to tromp across my yard, when it only cuts off maybe a few feet to the street.

I know that you all have been taught that you are to respect people’s property so I would like to see you use those manners, not only at my home but with everyone in town.

I am sure I am not the only one whose yard gets trespassed on. On two different occasions I have had to ask people to please not walk on the grass as I have just seeded and they just looked at me, laughed and kept on walking.

Come on people. I am a respectful resident of this beautiful little city and I for one want to keep it that way.

So please, in the future, use the sidewalks or the street. That is what they are there for. Not our yards.

Respectfully submitted,
Penny Dockins