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Bri's Tie Dye T-shirts are simply to 'dye' for PDF Print E-mail
Written by Darci Tomky   

From rainbow spirals to funky swirls and stripes, Bri’s Tie Dyes has everyone in Holyoke just “dyeing” to be a part of the tie dye craze.

18-year-old Briar Bergner and her tie dye business have turned the community upside down—everyone from babies to grandparents are sporting the bright fashion trend.

The HHS senior started her business in July 2010 with one goal in mind: Spain. She is dyeing her way to Madrid, Spain for World Youth Day in August 2011.

And at around $3,000 profit so far, it looks like Bergner is well on her way! Tie dyeing has certainly kept her all “tied” up the past six months.

18-year-old Briar Bergner shows off some of her colorful tie dye
creations. This young entrepreneur got creative and found a unique
way to raise money for a trip to Spain for World Youth Day.  
—Enterprise photo

“I mostly love it because it’s fun,” said Bergner, who had tie dyed with groups like FCCLA and in science class before starting her business.

Last summer, she tie dyed shirts for some of the swim team kids. When others on the swim team wanted shirts too—and actually offered to pay Bergner to make them—Bri’s Tie Dyes was born.

“I never had a reason to start it until I had to fundraise,” said Bergner, who saw this business as a great opportunity to make some money for World Youth Day.

Bergner and her mom Gloria ordered supplies online and relied on a website for tie dye directions. Her business soon took off, and it wasn’t long before they had to order more supplies—a lot more!

Six hundred t-shirts: That was the goal to fund the trip to Spain. By the end of 2010 Bergner has already sold over 1,000 shirts. It’s no wonder tie dye can be seen all over Holyoke!

With college looming in the near future, Bergner said she is going to continue her business to make some money for her schooling. At around 15 hours each week, Bergner simply works on the tie dyeing at her home in her spare time.

Tie dye is a great way for Bergner to express her feelings and experiment with different combinations of colors and designs. “You can’t really mess up tie dye,” she said.

One of her favorite designs is the reverse spider while her most popular design is the regular spiral.

“It’s always exciting to wash it out and see what the design looks like!” added Bergner.

According to all the rainbow spirals seen around town, Holyoke can’t
seem to get enough of the tie dye fashion craze! Briar Bergner has
stayed busy with her business, Bri’s Tie Dyes, designing over 1,000
shirts in the last six months. Pictured above, Bergner reaches for one
of her many tie dye t-shirts at her Fair booth last summer.  
—Enterprise photo

The cool thing about Bri’s Tie Dyes is that Bergner will make custom t-shirts in just about any color and design customers can think up.

Other products she has experimented with include long sleeved t-shirts, socks, pants, baby onesies and baby blankets.

A photo album on her Facebook page and a catalog customers can flip through are great ways for them to visually see some of their options.

Community groups who have ordered matching tie dye shirts include HHS Select Choir, 4-H and club volleyball while many teams have ordered matching socks.

Bergner generally delivers products to local customers, but there is also the option of shipping out of town for an extra charge.

For those who prefer to get their hands dirty and do a little tie dyeing of their own, Bri’s Tie Dyes will bring supplies to birthday parties and other events where people of all ages can tie dye to their heart’s content.

Bergner has also held workshops for school spirit, neon and 4th of July shirts.

Bri’s Tie Dyes brightly colored booth was easy to spot at the Phillips County Fair and Holly Daze where customers could purchase pre-made shirts or place custom orders.

On the business side of Bri’s Tie Dyes, each day at school Bergner focuses on her business during her entrepreneurship independent study. She uses that time to deliver shirts, make brochures and business cards and research new designs and new items.

Bergner’s advice for other young entrepreneurs is to be prepared with a good business plan and don’t hesitate to ask for help. She said her business has been successful because of all the great support from both the community and her family.

For more information on Bri’s Tie Dyes, contact Bergner at 970-571-1628.