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Fact or Fiction? Dark mystery is solved by women PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

These stories from local history are sometimes so extraordinary it’s hard to believe they actually happened. Check out ‘fact or fiction’ stories: they’re actual Enterprise news clips reprinted from the past.

For several weeks past, many Holyoke women have been worried over the mysterious disappearance of both shot gun and husband into the garage from whence came muffled sounds of preparation for warfare and muttered somethings about September and the 16th and the tyranny of law and wardens and such stuff as would cause most anyone to harbor grave suspicions.

One woman with wonderful powers of detection connected the woodshed happenings with a vicious-looking ring around the figure “16” on the calendar hanging on the dining room wall.

After a hurried call, several other women gathered, and it was found that the same conditions existed in their households. It was also found that the husbands of the women represented at this special meeting were growing restless, fretful and displayed signs of doing something desperate most anytime.

It was decided to keep a close tab on the actions and movements of the men in question and report instantly any undue activity.

One day this week, one of the said restless ones returned home in the middle of the afternoon with two cases of shells and things came to a white heat. A meeting was called and a committee appointed to break the news of an impending uprising to the sheriff.

On the way to the courthouse the committee was met by Mrs. Geo. Coleman, who having just completed a most strenuous day in the county clerk’s office helping Mr. Coleman issue hunting licenses, remarked in the course of a hurried conversation with the determined women that she hoped she would get some of the ducks shot by the many hunters who had received their licenses that day.

A great light dawned, and several scrumptious suppers were served that night as a matter of atonement for the dark suspicions. Duck season opens next Thursday, Sept. 16 and continues until Dec. 31. The open season on chickens is from Sept. 15 to Oct. 1.

Holyoke Enterprise
Sept. 10, 1920