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'Another Forty-Twenty Evening' is Best of Show PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

Best of Show artwork from last weekend’s Phillips County Art Show is pictured with artists Nancy Dee of Haxtun, at left, and Jenny Watkins of Lemoyne, Neb., at right. Best of Show art is pictured in the left show panel. At top, is Dee’s first-place Best of Show piece, “Another Forty-Twenty Evening,” a professional division watercolor. At left, second-place Best of Show, “Afternoon Tree,” a professional division pen and ink by Larry Prestwich of Sterling; and third-place Best of Show, “The Chase,” a professional division photography/enhanced by Robert Brummett of Lewellen, Neb. In the right show panel, from top to bottom are, Best of Professional, “Dreaming,” colored pencil by Kay Hoch of Yuma; Best of Advanced, “Greener Pastures,” watercolor by Cindy Musgrave of Wray; and Best of Beginner, “Fabric of Time,” colored pencil by Jenny Watkins of Lemoyne, Neb.
—Enterprise photo

This year’s Best of Show honors in the Phillips County Arts Council’s recent show go to Nancy Dee of Haxtun with her watercolor entitled “Another Forty-Twenty Evening.”

A nice display of art from area residents was entered in the March 25-27 show held at Holyoke High School. The general show displayed 177 pieces of artwork, while the student show included 235 pieces of art, with 149 of those being from Holyoke students.

Second-place Best of Show honors went to Larry Prestwich of Sterling with his pen and ink work of art “Afternoon Tree,” and third-place overall went to Robert Brummett of Lewellen, Neb. with his enhanced photography piece “The Chase.”

Kay Hock of Yuma received Best of Professional with her colored pencil art piece “Dreaming.” Best of Advanced went to Cindy Musgrave of Wray with her watercolor “Greener Pastures.” Jenny Watkins of Lemoyne, Neb. took honors as Best of Beginner with her colored pencil piece “Fabric of Time.”

The Doris Abbey Memorial Award, given by Larry Abbey, was awarded to Mary Carlsen of Paoli for her oil painting “Special Occasion.” The People’s Choice Award went to Theresa Conklin of Haxtun for her oil painting “Autumn Love.”

Winning Best of Show for the student projects was 11th-grader Naomi Schmitt of Perkins County, Neb. with her untitled acrylic piece.

Winners of each division are listed in order of placings, followed by those earning an honorable mention (HM).


Professional: Sara Bledsoe, Sterling; Tina Simeon, Ogallala, Neb.

Advanced: Theresa Conklin, Haxtun; Mary Carlsen, Paoli; Conklin; Alice Bailey (HM), Lewellen, Neb.


Professional: Audrey Lechuga, Yuma; Kathryn Wernsman, Haxtun; Bonnie Patterson, Haxtun.

Advanced: Nina Fortkamp, Wauneta, Neb.; Mindy Schulz, Ogallala, Neb.; Schulz.

Beginner: Jenny Watkins, Lemoyne, Neb.; Gladys Seifert, Yuma; Chuck Dvorak, Haxtun.


Professional: Nancy Dee, Haxtun; Lance Wurst, Grant, Neb.; Dee; Wurst (HM).

Advanced: Caryl Harvey, Holyoke; Patti Bohall, Wray; Jean Welch, Champion, Neb.; Millie Bracelin (HM), Wray.


Professional: Larry Prestwich, Sterling; Bonnie Patterson, Haxtun; Nancy Dee, Haxtun; Patterson (HM).

Advanced: Cindy Musgrave, Wray; Patti Bohall, Wray; Bohall.

Beginner: Tiffany Stults, Wray.


Advanced: Mary Shimonek, Lemoyne, Neb.; Shimonek; Mary Wenzlick, Oshkosh, Neb.


Professional: Tina Simeon, Ogallala, Neb.; Kay Hoch, Yuma; Simeon.

Advanced: Mary Parminter, Holyoke; Pete Knight, Sterling; Millie Bracelin, Wray.

Colored Pencil

Professional: Kay Hoch, Yuma.

Advanced: Caryl Harvey, Holyoke; Harvey.

Pen and Ink

Beginner: Jake Beckman, Wray.

Mixed Media

Professional: Margie Chance, Yuma.

Advanced: Cindy Musgrave, Wray; Mary Parminter, Holyoke; Musgrave; Linda Schutte (HM), Wray.


Advanced: Barb Kreider, Holyoke; Mary Shimonek, Lemoyne, Neb.; Kreider.

Solar Etching

Professional: Larry Prestwich, Sterling.

Photography (Traditional)

Professional: Sara Bledsoe, Sterling; Joanie Groshans, Holyoke; Brittany Krueger, Amherst.

Advanced: Aileene Holloway, Sterling; Jean Armstrong, Holyoke; Mary Carlsen, Paoli.

Beginner: Lois Schlachter, Holyoke; Vickie Fife, Yuma; Jody Fenwick, Imperial, Neb.

Photography (Enhanced)

Professional: Robert Brummett, Lewellen, Neb.; Brittany Krueger, Amherst; Brummett; Brummett (HM).

Advanced: Rita Kleve, Holyoke; Kleve; Kleve.

Ceramic Pottery/Clay

Professional: Kathryn Wernsman, Haxtun; Christina Martinez, Holyoke; Martinez.

Advanced: Theresa Conklin, Haxtun; Tara Edelen (HM), Sterling.


Professional: Rik Chance, Yuma; Chance.

Student projects

Kindergarten-third grade: Sarah Razo, Holyoke; Rachel Krueger, Holyoke; Max Dirks, Holyoke; Tate Dille (HM), Holyoke; Demiah Hernandez (HM), Holyoke; Jillian Warren (HM), Holyoke.

Fourth-sixth grade: Brenna Sullivan, Holyoke; Juana Penzing, Holyoke; Victoria Hatton, Holyoke; Taylor Hendrix (HM), Holyoke; Bryce Cornett (HM), Holyoke; Drew Stewart (HM), Holyoke.

Seventh grade: Xander Nelson, Holyoke; Bradley Cumming, Holyoke; Roni Beavers, Holyoke; Jaylene Dominguez (HM), Holyoke; Kaitlyn Lenhart (HM), Holyoke; Sidney Struckmeyer (HM), Holyoke; Edgar Cruz (HM), Holyoke.

Eighth grade: Ramiro Iniguez, Holyoke; Dylan Kotch, Holyoke; Ramon Favela, Holyoke; Iniguez (HM); A.J. Brandt (HM), Holyoke.

Ninth grade: Chase Miyamoto, Perkins County; Capri Meyer, Perkins County; Joan Finch, Haxtun; Colin Munster (HM), Haxtun; Michelle Skeels (HM), Perkins County; Timothy Johnson (HM), Perkins County; Tyler Boerner (HM), Haxtun; Shobi Burris (HM), Holyoke.

Tenth grade: Tam Chang-In, Fleming; Michi Prante, Perkins County; Jarrod Boerner, Fleming; Matisyn Humphrey (HM), Perkins County; Britanie Meredith (HM), Fleming; Kassie Neilsen (HM), Fleming; Jessyca Briggs (HM), Perkins County.

Eleventh grade: Andrew Lightsey, Fleming; Shayna Oosthuysen, Haxtun; Casey Henry, Fleming; Leo Ortiz (HM), Holyoke; Gabby Patrick (HM), Perkins County; Kristin Beck (HM), Perkins County; Troy Bivins (HM), Haxtun; Oosthuysen (HM); Katelyn Kaus (HM), Haxtun;

Twelfth grade: Sydney Nelson, Holyoke; Arira Muller, Fleming; Jenna Vendenbark (3rd), Fleming; Robyn Krause (3rd), Perkins County; Sara Kurtzer (HM), Haxtun; Ashley Atkin (HM), Fleming; Natashia Barleer (HM), Haxtun; Lindsey Jones (HM), Wray; Nelson (HM).