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Hunting variety in Phillips County draws big crowds PDF Print E-mail
Written by Spencer Kotch, Holyoke 10th-grader   

Phillips County may seem small to some, but the hunting seasons sure seem big. According to the article “Phillips County Wildlife,” by Jack Wieland, Colorado Division of Wildlife, there are 218 species of animals living in Phillips County alone.

Phillips County’s 680 square miles of land contains many different habitats that several different types of animals can live in. Phillips County even offers different types of hunting.

Two hundred eighteen species of wildlife may seem like a lot, but not all animals living here are game, or huntable. In fact, only about a third of the wildlife can be hunted. The other two-thirds of the animals are either endangered or state threatened or are species of special concern. Of the 218 species, specifically 45 are huntable, still giving many options for what to hunt.

Phillips County’s many different habitats are as vast as the weather experienced every day. From the 583 miles of dry and irrigated croplands to 52 miles of sand sage sandhills, Phillips County has a lot to offer. In the past, there have been streams that ran through the land of Phillips County, but currently there are none.

The main hunting attraction in Phillips County is ring-necked pheasant and bobwhite quail. Many hunters come from across the state to hunt these animals during the winter season. Pheasant season is from the beginning of November to the end of January. Rabbit hunting, dove hunting, coyote hunting and deer hunting are just a few of the other animals hunted.

There are different ways of hunting animals. The most popular is rifle hunting. There is an early and a late season of rifle hunting. Early season of rifle hunting is from September through November. Late season of rifle hunting is from November through the end of January.

Muzzle loading and archery are other ways of hunting. Muzzle loading is from September through October. Archery season for deer and elk starts in August and ends in December. There are specific rules to what animal can be hunted when, so before hunting, specific season dates should be checked.

No matter how someone wants to hunt or what they want to hunt, Phillips County offers many different options. So if someone enjoys hunting, they should grab their bow or their gun, find the right season for what game, and happy hunting.

Editor’s Note: This article is part of the Newspaper In Education series promoted by The Holyoke Enterprise in partnership with Holyoke schools. Finalists were selected by Enterprise staff Darci Tomky and Chris Lee.