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4th-graders share winning FCE essays PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

Holyoke fourth-grader Emily Jelden was recently recognized as the winner of the Family Community Education (FCE) Club’s “Character Counts” essay and artwork contest.

Jelden received a savings bond from FCE, and her essay and artwork were sent to compete at the state level.

Sarah Razo of Holyoke and Ciera Schelling of Haxtun took second and third respectively.

FCE members Beverly Townsend and Wilma Halbert announced the winners Monday, Jan. 23 and provided each participant with a book from the FCE Club.

The contest is open to all fourth-grade students in public, private and home schools across the state and nation.

The objective of the contest is to promote ethics among children using the “Six Pillars of Character.” The contest encourages students to improve their writing and drawing skills along with creating public awareness in the achievement of students. This contest allows local FCE members to participate in a nationwide project and to promote and market FCE to the community during National FCE Week.


By Emily Jelden

Citizenship is about being part of a town. To be a good citizen, you can help, you can get involved, be a good neighbor, be modest, and you can donate.

If you wanted to be a good citizen you can make solutions. Making solutions is a part of being a citizen. By solving solutions you can help your community or others.

Another way to be a better citizen is by recycling. By recycling you can save money and most important help the environment. Recycling is a great way to be a better citizen.

Some more things you can do to be a citizen is getting involved with community work. Getting involved has many parts with being a good citizen. If you want to be a better citizen but you don’t know how or a way, you can get involved with activities. Those activities can help the environment like if you pick up trash or make a town look better. But another good way is to stop littering.

Something else is being a good neighbor. By being a good neighbor you can make someone’s life better. But in order to do it you have to be nice, share, help, and comfort. Another good way is to return like if they gave you a pie you can give them something in return.

Another good way to be a better citizen is to be modest. Modesty is important because it tells a lot about who you are.

Something else to be a citizen is to donate. If you wanted to help people who need things you can donate stuff that you don’t need anymore.

Being a citizen is a good way to become part of your earth and community.


Being a Good Citizen
By Sarah Razo

Being a good citizen is a lot of work, but it’s worth living in a good community. Respecting the earth is a big responsibility. If pollution spreads through the air it would cause sickness. So if you ever see trash throw it away. Never litter, it’s bad for everybody not just your community but everybody in the world.

Another big responsibility is take care of the earth, like planting trees in forests. If all the trees are gone animal and human life would start to disappear. So really try to take care of the earth.

Also being a good citizen requires being nice and grateful to everybody. Be nice to family, friends, and neighbors.

To be able to have respect from a neighbor be nice to you, you have to be nice to them. Like if you have a pet don’t let them do their “business” on their lawn. Especially if they’re old help them out like clean their house, take care of pets and mow lawn. All that stuff is being a good citizen and neighbor.

To help even more get a job. If you have a job and make money for things the earth could use like tree and plant seeds.

Another thing always know what’s going on. So for an election the good president would be chosen. Also if your teacher or somebody asks you about the president or Congress you know who there is on the Congress.

You should be great and remembering to inspire kids to follow in your footsteps. Being inspiring can change your life. People walk up to you and say “good job.”

While the earth is suffering from all the litter and poop. Be kind to the earth and do some community service even if you aren’t in trouble.

Recycling is always very important cause if you reduce, reuse and recycle the earth will live longer and stay healthy. The earth is like a person, treat it the way you want to be treated.

A good way to be kind is to help elders by taking care of them. A few hours a day cook, clean, and wash dishes. It is good to help elders cause they can’t do as much as you can.

Being a good citizen is important not just to you, but to everybody everywhere. Picking up trash and helping others are small things but help a lot. To live in a good community you have to make it a good community. Just remember it starts with you.


By Ciera Schelling

Citizenship to me is that we help people like on Old Fashioned Saturday Night people volunteer to help. They don’t even get paid that is a good citizen.

For Corn Festival people also volunteer. They’re helping the community. You can also help your neighbors if they need any help.

People in the Army also help us because they try to keep our country safe, they help it a lot.

Picking up trash and recycling helps the community because we don’t want that dirty stinky trash in our community we want it to be as pretty as can be. You will want to water your plants if you have any and take care of them because if you buy plants and don’t take care of them that will just be wasting them. Also you want to take care of the community and not litter.

Some people who litter are not good citizens. When you help people you are a good citizen. To improve to be a great citizen you need to be nice to people and appreciate what they do even if they don’t do it for you.

Always be nice to one another and you want to share. Also if someone says something mean don’t say anything back. Remember to be a great citizen. Is that a good explaining of a citizen don’t you think?

Holyoke Enterprise February 2, 2012