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FCE awards four Holyoke youth PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   
    Four Holyoke fourth graders were recognized at this year’s FCE essay winners presentation at Holyoke Elementary School on Wednesday, April 15.
    Each year, the Jolly Dozen FCE Club holds an arts and essay contest for fourth grade students. The theme this year is “responsibility.”
    Fourth grade teachers are given the information regarding the contest and students are encouraged to participate. The teachers then collect several essays and give them to FCE. A panel of club members is put together to pick the winners on the county level.
    Austin Herman was selected as the first place winner of the essay contest. His essay will be sent on to the state level and, if he wins, then the national level.
    Second place was awarded to Emily Krogmeier and third place went to Sydney Goldenstein. Tristan Sullivan also received an honorable mention for his art work.

Responsibility Ripples
By Austin Herman

    Being responsible is like a ripple. If you do something right, everybody will see you and follow your example. Then your neighborhood will become a clean, nice environment to live in.
    If you do something wrong, everybody will be watching and follow your example. Then your neighborhood will turn into a dirty environment. Remember the next time you don’t take out the trash or do your homework, others will follow your example.
    It’s your choice. Is your neighborhood going to be a nice place to live in or a dirty, dangerous environment? Remember to be responsible and do your duties.

By Emily Krogmeier

    How can you display responsibility with your siblings? When you are at home, you should always be genial to your siblings.
    How I feel about exhibiting responsibility in my community: If everybody would help everyone, we could make our community better. We could help the elderly mow their grass if they can’t go outside.
    You should always show responsibility wherever you are. You can help everybody in your community.

By Sydney Goldenstein

    You should use responsibility in a wise way.
    When you use responsibility at school, you should remember to bring all your supplies to all your classes. You should do all your homework and bring it back when it is due. Also, be responsible about what your teachers assign you!
    At home, you should be responsible about what your parents or guardians tell you to do.
    You may have a lot of responsibilities but being responsible is very important. Make sure you are responsible about your privileges. Remember that responsibilities never leave you.