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The Laughing Mom: humorous tales of motherhood PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Pfaltzgraff   

Alina’s antics

Alina is my baby, although she’s almost 14 months old, so maybe she’s not much of a baby any more. When she was first born, she was quiet, calm and easy. Now, I’m afraid the pendulum is swinging the other direction!

Alina took a little longer than her big sister Melise did learning how to stand and walk, but that didn’t stop her from moving. Where Melise would have hung by Mommy, Alina crawled away to explore! It is so usual for Alina to be going the opposite direction from me that I don’t normally panic when she’s not in plain view. I sigh, shake my head and start looking for her. In 30 seconds she’ll be back in my arms ... most of the time.

One day, I went looking for Alina and didn’t find her in the first 30 seconds. We were in the house, so I knew she couldn’t have gone far. I perked up my ears and squinted into every dark corner. I walked in the circle that connects our dining room to the living room to the “nursery” to the master bedroom and back to the dining room. I didn’t see her! I became frantic.

I yelled her name, even though I knew she wouldn’t answer me. But then I heard her chuckle. There she was sitting under the piano bench, right next to the place where I started. How many times did I walk past her? Mercy!

Alina’s interest in climbing is also a new thing for me. She climbs the furniture and even her toys if she gets a chance. She already understands the extra reach that our little step stool can give her and she tries to move it all over the house.

Sometimes I follow her as she drags the stool just so I can learn about whatever devious plot she’s trying to follow.

One time while I was in the shower, I looked out to see her moving the stool to the toilet. No problem, I thought, the toilet is closed. The next time I looked out she was climbing from the stool to the top of the toilet. I picked up the pace of my washing. I looked out again to see her standing on the toilet while exploring the top shelf with her little hands. I rinsed off as fast as I could, turned off the water and threw the curtain open thinking that I would whisk her off the toilet. But she was already sitting innocently on the floor playing with a toy.

“I’m on to you, baby,” I said teasingly, and she giggled back.

Some days I find myself wondering about how many more ways Alina will find to be adventurous. That thought especially occurred to me when the toilet was left open and Alina ran to it with curiosity. Before I pulled her away, she had both hands on the toilet seat and her head peering down toward the water. She made a sound much like, “Ooooooo ...” I could only imagine the plots she was coming up with regarding the inside of the toilet. Will I be fishing toys out of the septic system in the near future? God help me, maybe it is time to invest in a toilet lock.

Holyoke Enterprise March 22, 2012