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'Music Moves Me' delights performers and audience PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   
    Music Moves Me was the theme of Holyoke’s first and third grade program held Thursday, April 16 in the HHS auditorium.
    Directed by music teacher Marcia Dalton, the program was delightfully effective as the enthusiastic performance of the singers, dancers and speakers certainly led to rhythmic movement in the audience.
    Performers were clearly enjoying themselves and confidently and gracefully moved from one scene to another. First grade and third grade students remained on stage for the whole show, moving to center stage or standing when it was their turn to entertain.
    The program was capped with an audience participation Chicken Dance Medley which took parents and other audience members to the stage to join the fun.
    Kicking off the program was the song Music Moves Me by first and third graders. Cassidy Hale was the main narrator, with other narration parts by Natray Peregoy, Bailey Hamaker, Arturo Dominguez and Jair Jimenez.
    Six Little Ducks was acted and sung by first graders. Narrators were Remington Hielscher, Tristen Roll, Hunter Bergstrom, Caleb Deaver, Tayler Hale, Sabrina Zink, Emily Jelden, Josie Herman, Victoria Race, Slaten Burris, Blake Mosenteen and Mason King.
    Ducks were Wyett Martin, Remington Hielscher, Liely Ochoa, Jackie Valenzuela, Slaten Burris, Matthew Oberle, Anthony Rojo, Nain Vasquez, Fabian Gonzalez and Miguel Soto; narrators, Lane Stapleton and Marcus Mitteis; Drew, Drew Stewart; and Mr. Baumgartner, Tobin Moore.
    Supercalifragilisticexpialodocious soloists were Drew Stewart, Marcus Mitteis, Anthony Beltran and Luke Krogmeier; and narrators Lesley Coss-Morales, Trey Bennett, Mackenzie Golden, Grace Dille and Tori Hatton.
    Don Gato enlisted lots of laughs with Don Gato, Tyler Lamm; Lady Cat, Mandy Dominguez; doctors Keith Brown, Israel Lujan, Tobin Moore, Rebecca Owens, Angel Madrid-Quintana, Holden Redman, Jair Jimenez, Anthony Beltran, Cassidy Hale, Ashley Lopez, Luke Krogmeier and Marcus Mitteis; fish vendor, Monse Conde.
    Narrators in Don Gato were Lauren Bergner, Fabian Gonzalez, Luke Krogmeier, Isabelle Heinitz, Xander Speicher and Liely Ochoa; special singing group Grace Dille, Mackenzie Golden and Tori Hatton; and narrators Taylor Hendrix, Alyson Lenhart and Regan Van Overbeke.
    Special group members in A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes were Tori Hatton, Mackenzie Golden, Grace Dille, Isabelle Heinitz, Regan Van Overbeke, Anna Jelden, Kaitlyn Kent, Dominique Penzing, Monique Ruybal, Morganne Kumm, Taeryn Trumper, Makenzie Martin, Lauren Bergner, Josie Herman, Emily Jelden, Crystal Astorga-Solis, Bailey Hamaker, Yovana Iniguez, Lali Marquez and Victoria Race.
    Narrators were Keith Brown, Monse Conde, Angel Madrid-Quintana, James Oberle, Holden Redman, Mandy Dominguez, Jarrett Woodhead, Damian Rivera and Drew Stewart.
    Big Dreams included narrators Madison Young, Kaitlyn Kent, Dominique Penzing, Israel Lujan, Brandon Nevarez, Rebecca Owens, Wendy Mendoza-Arvizo, Ashley Lopez, Rene Vega-Juarez and Angel Marquez.
    Audience members could easily picture a scene from Fiddler on the Roof when a special group sang Sunrise, Sunset. Dominique Penzing was the bride and James Oberle the groom, posed picture-perfectly under the canopy held by Jonathan Martinez, Angel Marquez, Brandon Nevarez and Israel Lujan.
    Special group members were Taylor Hendrix, Ashley Lopez, Anna Jelden, Deacon Dittmer, Josie Herman, Emily Jelden, Miguel Soto, Natray Peregoy, Blake Mosenteen, Tayler Hale, Janessa Lutze, Tristen Roll, Caleb Deaver, Victoria Race, Ally Bohlender, Remington Hielscher and Makayla Knutson.
    Soloists were Novi Lock, Dalton Hysell, Alexis Vega-Llanas and Sarah Razo. Narrators were Anthony Beltran, Noah King, Jonathan Martinez, Yovana Iniguez, Seth Watson, Andrew Rivera, Sergio Alarcon-Ortega, Anthony Rojo, Nain Vasquez, Crystal Astorga-Solis, Jackie Valenzuela, Alondra Zapata and Isaiah Hatton.
    Rock Around the Clock really brought rhythm to the forefront, as third graders showed their mastered dancing skills.
    Dancers were Mackenzie Golden, Jarrett Woodhead, Tori Hatton, Drew Stewart, Grace Dille, Luke Krogmeier, Alyson Lenhart, Keith Brown, Regan Van Overbeke, Lane Stapleton, Trey Bennett, Dominique Penzing, Anna Jelden, Arturo Dominguez, Marcus Mitteis, Madison Young, Rebecca Owens, Isabelle Heinitz, Cassidy Hale, Bailey Hamaker, Taylor Hendrix, Ashley Lopez and Linda Casanova.
    Narrators were Shianne Will­mon, Alondra Valles, Lali Marquez, Matthew Oberle, Michael Ramos, Wacey Flack, Victor Baeza, Tony Dominguez, Deacon Dittmer, Alejandro Rojas, Taeryn Trumper, Kevin Conde and Osirys Perez.
    Makenzie Martin was the narrator for the final rendition of Music Moves Me before the audience joined the students for some lively chicken dancing.