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Jacoby moved to Aurora to long-term acute care hospital PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brenda Johnson Brandt   

After eight days in intensive care at North Colorado Medical Center in Greeley, Dale Jacoby was moved to a long-term acute care hospital in Aurora Monday night, April 2.

Jacoby has yet to regain consciousness from the March 24 collision southeast of Holyoke.

Step-daughter Heather Huffman said Monday Jacoby opened his eyes during the day, and his eyes were open when she and her mom arrived at his new room at Kindred Hospital in Aurora Monday night.

While there’s no focus or recognition, they’re encouraged he’s opened his eyes, even if only briefly.

A CaringBridge journal has served as a link to update family and friends on Jacoby’s progress. His sister-in-law Lala described Monday as a roller coaster day. Throughout the week and a half in ICU, Jacoby’s days have been a roller coaster ride.

The initial CaringBridge post noted Jacoby had his spleen removed the night of the accident (March 24). Multiple injuries were reported to his head and chest, so he was on a respirator and heavily sedated.

Dale Jacoby
Kindred Hospital
700 S. Potomac St., Room 3
Aurora, CO 80011

There was concern for lack of movement on his left side, but they were encouraged his neck appeared to be fine.

Last Tuesday’s update said an MRI showed some brain damage, but the extent was not known. Jacoby was given an antibiotic for bronchitis and for the fever he’d had off and on since he’d been admitted.

Last Wednesday, doctors put in a tracheotomy tube and feeding tube so all the tubes were out of his mouth and nose.

It was a “hallelujah” post Friday, March 30 when family reported Jacoby was breathing on his own, and the ventilator was removed entirely.

Additionally, the c-collar which he’d had on since the accident was removed, which they felt would make him much more comfortable. A chest tube was also removed from his right lung last Friday.

Sunday, April 1 was described as a tough day. A lung partially collapsed, and it appeared Jacoby had pneumonia.

Family was told the combination of injuries from the accident and the lack of oxygen to the brain afterwards caused extensive damage. “We are thankful that he does not appear to be suffering. Please keep praying,” said Lala in her Sunday CaringBridge journal entry.

Early Monday morning the family thought Jacoby was being moved to another room in NCMC. But the plan changed and he was moved to Kindred Hospital in Aurora that night.

His left lung was still partially collapsed Monday, so he still had a chest tube in. Lala indicated they think that’s the cause of his breathing being a little labored.

Huffman said the whole family has sincerely appreciated all the support and concern expressed. She also praised the efforts of the fire department, emergency service personnel, hospital staff and doctors who helped after the accident.

Holyoke Enterprise April 5, 2012