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Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

People all over the world enjoy their sweets. Licorice and ginger are some of the oldest-known candies, and there is a belief that the ancient Egyptians first created candy as a gift to their gods and goddesses.

Chocolate was once enjoyed as a bitter beverage before it was transformed into a sweet treat. British inventor Joseph Fry is credited with making the first chocolate bar in 1847.

Although candies come and go, there are a few originals that continue to be enjoyed to this day. Some of the oldest-known candies still being produced are NECCO Wafers (1847), Good and Plenty (1893), Tootsie Rolls (1896), the Hershey Bar (1900) and Squirrel Nut Chews/Zippers (1926). Whenever a person enjoys one of these sweet treats, they actually are enjoying a piece of history.

Holyoke Enterprise May 31, 2012