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Written by Darci Tomky   

50 Fun Things to Do in Holyoke

I think we’ve all been guilty a time or two of saying, “There’s nothing to do in Holyoke!”

We may be a small town, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. Lucky for you, the crew here at the Enterprise has hand picked a list of 50 fun things to do in Holyoke this summer. Just when you thought this was going to be another boring ol’ summer, we have come to your rescue! (You can thank us later.)

So here you go. The best of the best. Fifty fun things to do in Holyoke!

50. Compete in the Melissa Memorial Hospital Foundation Amateur Triathlon.

49. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Start up a lemonade stand. (Or use Kool-Aid, which just happens to be my favorite.)

48. Bust out the lawn games and picnic food and host a block party.

47. Park your car in the country and do some stargazing with a special someone.

46. BINGO! Head over to the Lions Club for Bingo.

45. Take your kids and volunteer at a local Vacation Bible School.

44. Practice your stand up comedy skills or knock knock jokes for the Phillips County Fair talent show.

43. Go horseback riding.

42. It’s time for a treasure hunt! Use your GPS unit for a fun game called geocaching.

41. Getting hot this summer? Challenge your friends to a water fight in the park.

40. Grab your dancing shoes and go to a local dance.

39. Play tennis.

38. Go bowling.

37. Start up a Relay For Life team and brainstorm ways you can fundraise.

36. If the stage is your calling, try out for a play. Or at least get a little culture and go see a play or musical in the area.

35. Discover what your fortune cookie says at First Dragon Chinese Restaurant.

34. Nothing says summer like marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate! Find a neighbor with a fire pit and roast some s’mores.

33. Pitch a tent and camp out in the back yard.

32. Bust out your board or skates and head over to the skate park.

31. Check out a local church or Bible study.

30. Join an exercise class.

29. Volunteer at the community garden.

28. Are you a city girl/guy? Tag along with some local farmers during harvest.

27. Happy America! Watch the city fireworks display.

26. Cruise Interocean and Denver.

25. Grab a camera and some friends and go planking.

24. Take some out-of-town friends snipe hunting.

23. Got a free morning? Volunteer at the nursing home.

22. Hit the town and browse the vintage cars during Dandelion Daze.

21. Attend open trap shooting and cards at Holyoke Gun Club.

20. Shop local.

19. Visit the cemetery.

18. Volunteer in the Peerless Theatre concessions stand. You’ll even get to see the movie for free!

17. Eat popcorn on Fridays at Bank of Colorado.

16. Check out a book or DVD from the Heginbotham Library, and while you’re there, take a tour of this historic Holyoke home.

15. Get up early on Saturdays and check out the garage sales.

14. Browse the Phillips County Museum.

13. Go swimming.

12. Eat some Blue Goo soft serve ice cream from Ampride (another of my personal favorites).

11. Play golf.

10. Play frisbee golf.

9. Attend a youth sports event. And if you’re really bored, get together ahead of time and paint up in Dragon green and gold.

8. Play at one of the playgrounds. And while you’re at the park, start up a game of sand volleyball, basketball or soccer.

7. Grab your pole and go fishing at the Lions Club Fishing Pond.

6. Ride your bike on the bike path. Or if you’re really ambitious, ride your bike all the way to Paoli or Amherst and back.

5. Cheer for your favorite driver at the stock car races at Phillips County Raceway.

4. Watch a free DVD movie at the Peerless Theatre.

3. Sign up for one of the CSU Extension summer classes.

2. See how your photo, vegetable or flower arrangement fairs in the open class competition at the Phillips County Fair.

And the number one thing to do in Holyoke this summer...

1. Eat a ballpark burger.

And who ever said there’s nothing to do in Holyoke!

Holyoke Enterprise June 14, 2012