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Written by Darci Tomky   

Summer creations so good you’ll beg for s’more!

Chocolate. Marshmallows. Graham crackers.

Yes, my friends, that is the sweet taste of summer. Summer wouldn’t be summer without the smell of a campfire and the ooey gooey stickiness of a s’more in between my fingers.

Aug. 10 is National S’mores Day, and what better way to celebrate than with this iconic American summer treat?

Apparently, the history of s’mores is quite a mystery. Mallowmars and Moon Pies—both with chocolate/marshmallow/graham cracker combinations—were first sold in 1913 and 1917 respectively.

Nobody knows who invented the actual s’more, but the first documented recipe was in the 1927 handbook called “Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts.” I imagine the tasty concoction spread quickly from campfire to campfire across the United States.

“Hey! Do you want a s’more?”

“Do I want some more what?”

“Some more s’mores, of course!!”

My college friends always have a rule around their campfires. “You must always eat s’mores until the point where you feel like you’re going to be sick ... then eat one more s’more!”

I love how s’mores are something you have to make on the spot. Despite how good S’more Pop Tarts or S’more Bars might be, there’s nothing like a fresh s’more hot off the fire.

And I know you can’t beat the original s’more, but here are some interesting combination creations for you to try for National S’mores Day.

Top 20 S’mores Recipes

Original: Chocolate, marshmallow, graham crackers

Grasshopper: Andes mints, marshmallow, graham crackers

Chocolate Chip Cookie: Chocolate, marshmallow, chocolate chip cookies

PB&J: Peanut butter, jelly, marshmallow, graham crackers

Ice Cream Sandwich: Chocolate morsels, marshmallow fluff, chocolate ice cream, graham crackers

S’more Paradise: Shredded coconut, caramel, marshmallow, graham crackers

Peanut Butter Dream: Peanut butter cup, marshmallow, graham crackers

Chocolate Overload: Chocolate, chocolate marshmallow, chocolate graham crackers

Bananalicious: Banana slices, Nutella, marshmallow, peanut butter cookies

Brownie Sundae: Chocolate, marshmallow, brownies

Strawberry Shortcake: Strawberry slices, whipped cream, marshmallow, shortbread cookies

Spring Treat: White chocolate, colorful Peep marshmallow, graham crackers

Mexican: Dark chocolate, marshmallow, cinnamon graham crackers

Apple Pie: Granny Smith apple slices, caramel, marshmallow, cinnamon graham crackers

Ginger & Caramel: Caramel-filled chocolate squares, marshmallow, gingersnaps

Poor Man’s S’mores: Marshmallow, Keebler fudge stripe cookies

Strawberry Lovers: White chocolate, strawberry slices, strawberry marshmallow, chocolate graham crackers

Dark & Delicious: Dark chocolate, raspberry jelly, marshmallow, graham crackers

Oreo: Hershey’s Cookies’n’Cream candy bar, marshmallow, chocolate graham crackers

Hawaiian: White chocolate, fresh pineapple, coconut marshmallow, graham crackers

Holyoke Enterprise Aug. 9, 2012