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Class of 2013 ACT composite 1.1 point lower than state avg. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brenda Johnson Brandt   

Every junior in the State of Colorado takes the American College Test (ACT) in the spring, and results of that testing were recently released.

Holyoke’s Class of 2013, who took the test last April and May as juniors, scored a composite score of 18.9, compared to the state average of 20.0.

Supt. Bret Miles reviewed the data analysis for the junior ACT testing at the Sept. 4 meeting of Holyoke Board of Education.

ACT became the statewide assessment for all 11th-graders in 2001. It measures student knowledge and skills in the areas of English, math, reading and science.

A composite score is then provided, which averages the results from all the content areas on a scale of 1-36.

Thirty-five HHS juniors took the statewide ACT test last spring, with 52,438 Colorado juniors.

HHS students scored below state average on all tests, but were closest in the math test.

Holyoke students scored 17.4 in English, compared to the state’s average of 19.4; HHS 19.7 in math, state average 20.1; HHS 18.7 in reading, state average 19.8; HHS 19.0 in science, state average 20.1.

Supt. Miles noted the ACT is a college entrance exam. Every junior in the state takes the statewide ACT, even those who are not college-bound.

Historically, HHS student scores on the statewide ACT range from 1.6 points under the state average to .4 points above the average.

As juniors, the HHS Class of 2008 averaged 19.6 on the ACT, just under the state average of 19.8. The Class of 2009 was a full point below the state average of 20.2, with a 19.1.

The Class of 2010 averaged 20.4, above the state average of 20.0. The Class of 2011 averaged 18.4, under the state average of 20.0.

The Class of 2012 showed a composite score of 19.8, compared to the state average of 19.9 when they took the statewide test as juniors.

Supt. Miles gave other comparative statistics for gender, ethnicity, college-ready and core track compared to noncore track students from the ACT testing of juniors last spring.

While the district composite was down .9 from a year ago, it was up .5 from two years ago, noted Miles.

In other summary statements from the 2012 testing with the Class of 2013, Miles noted juniors in the core track outperformed state core by .4 points.

Girls outscored boys in three of four tests plus the composite, achievement gap was prevalent and HHS did not meet any college readiness with the overall schoolwide population.

Core is defined as college prep (four units of English, three math, three science and three social studies) and noncore is having taken or planning to take anything less than the minimum core requirements.

Holyoke Enterprise September 13, 2012