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Grade schoolers get in the Christmas mood during program PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

Christmas was clearly in the air Thursday night, Dec. 6 during the annual Elementary Christmas Program. Students in kindergarten and second- and fourth-grades performed numerous songs, jokes and skits to entertain the crowd.

Up first were the kindergarten classes. They sang One Little, Two Little, Three Little Snowflakes, See the Snowflakes Falling, This is my Candy Cane, Eight Reindeer, If I Could Fly Like a Snowflake, Jolly Jolly Santa, Snowman Jump and Santa Claus Rock. They wrapped their portion of the concert up with numerous Jingle Bells variations.

Members of the kindergarten class were all smiles during their performance last Thursday night. Pictured from left, front row, Dahira Castillo Marquez, Dakota Custard, Saul Hernandez and Evan Widler; and back row, Braxten Churchwell, Emma Marie Sprague, Gustavo Goytia, Morgan Vernon and Parker Steggs.  —Enterprise photo

A fourth-grade special group took to the stage next. Kylie Purkeypile, Haley Van Overbeke, Rylee Schneller, Ashley Rahe, Emali Torres, Yovanna Iniguez, Amy Mackay, Blanca Martinez, Jacqui Gonzalez Burciaga, Riley Ferguson, Kayle Weatherly and Loren Jo Oberle teamed up to perform Little Star.

Taking the stage next were the second-graders. They began by singing Season of Bells. A Silly Holiday Song followed with jokesters Evan Jones, Caitlynn Deaver, JC Steggs, Cooper Goldenstein, Isaiah Rahe, Ethan Schneller, Jadon Frost, Alexie Metzger, Cesilia Iniguez, Max Dirks, Gehrig Thompson, Miranda Morales and Mariana Varela entertaining the crowd.

Second-graders belt out Season of Bells during last Thursday’s Christmas program. Pictured from left, front row, Clover Adler, Heather Anderson and Adrian Moreno (partially hidden); middle row, Madysen Powell, Jimena Nuñez and Angel Carrasco; and back row, Ethan Schneller, JC Steggs and Isaiah Rahe.  —Enterprise photo

Cancion De La Navidad followed with Ashton Robles, Marlon Turcios, Brendan Nelson, Isaiah Rahe, Brian Monreal Santiesteban and Ty Sandquist Dirks serving as the singers.

Next up was Christmas is Love with singers Clover Adler, Riann Worley, Dakota Weatherly and Heather Anderson.

Sock props were pulled out for The Christmas Sock Rock. The fun song was followed with I Want a Kitty For a Present. Serving as narrators were Daniela Fierro, Daniela Hernandez, Dylan Hielscher, Aspyn Kinnie, Adrian Bejarano, Kayden Porter Yearout, Marlon Turcios, Yadelie Castillo, Azury Chapparo Rangel, Edel Gonzalez, Kevin Hermosillo, Kyrah McConachie, Eric Dominguez, Jordan Martin, Jacquelyn Rojas, Piper McConachie, Manuel Gonzales, Jeffrey Espinoza, Brian Monreal Santiesteban, Adrian Moreno, Jimena Nuñez, Brendan Nelson, Ty Sandquist Dirks, Angel Carrasco, Juan Rojas Jr. and Ashton Robles.

Members of the second-grade class sing The Christmas Sock Rock Thursday, Dec. 6. Pictured from left, front row, Tamara Penzing, Summer Martin, Elby Kropp and Miranda Morales; middle row Cooper Goldenstein, Aspyn Kinnie, Kayden Porter Yearout, Brian Monreal Santiesteban, Marlon Turcios and Anastasia Drake; and back row, Elise Krogmeier, Jeffrey Espinoza, Cesilia Iniguez and Grace Roberts.  
—Enterprise photo

The entire class broke out kazoos for A Joyous Holiday for Joyous Instruments. Finally Tyla Knutson, Emma Thompson, Anastasia Drake, Jimena Nuñez, Tamara Penzing, Erin Andersen, Sabryn Burris, Elise Krogmeier, Grace Roberts, Summer Martin, Elby Kropp and Madysen Powell formed a group to sing Lullaby For Jesus.

Members of the fourth-grade class closed out last Thursday’s program with The Reindeer Whisperer. Santa Claus, played by Ethan Andersen, was overheard by some of the elves, saying he was going to send the reindeer to California. The elves thought Santa was going to retire the reindeer and told this to Santa’s nine reindeer.

Santa Claus (Ethan Andersen), at right, makes a phone call while Mrs. Claus (Amy Mackay) looks on. Santa was calling to book a relaxing trip to California for the reindeer but his elves overheard and thought he was sending them to retire in California instead. Upon hearing the news from the elves, the reindeer refused to fly on Christmas Eve.  —Enterprise photo

Hearing the news, the reindeer refused to fly on Christmas Eve to deliver presents.

After finding out the reindeer refuse to fly, Santa enlists the help of a reindeer whisperer named Cesar Salad, played by Aaron Sierra.

Mr. Salad is successful at getting the reindeer to fly. They come to find out that Santa and Mrs. Claus, played by Amy Mackay, were planning to send the reindeer to California after Christmas for a relaxing vacation and a chance to see their favorite show, Hoofin’ with the Stars.

Cesar Salad (Aaron Sierra), aka The Reindeer Whisperer,  announces that the reindeer agree to fly on Christmas Eve.  —Enterprise photo

Jesse Vasa played Herbie the Elf who interrupted the performance time after time, telling the audience that he wanted to become a dentist.

Reindeer were played by Tate Dille, Alec Sprague, Ashley Rahe, Kylie Purkeypile, Michael Pell, Emily Anderson, Llaneli Barajas Duran, Rylee Schneller and Jacqui Gonzalez Burciaga.

Elves were Alecia Astorga, Giselle Prieto, Taylor Trumper, Yovana Iniguez, Yeidi Juarez, Haley Van Overbeke, Anthony Soriano, Eduardo Quintana, Erick Marroquin, Sebastian Cazares, Alondra Bencomo, Kayle Weatherly, Fantasia Ruybal, Perla Olivas, Ximena Chavez, Tawshania Ploshnik, Yaretzy Nuñez Ramirez, Rylan Worley, Riley Ferguson, Yeidy Mendoza Gonzalez, Emali Torres, Loren Jo Oberle, Nadia Monreal Santiesteban, Yoletzi Loya, Austin Durbin, Aaron Dominguez, Blanca Martinez, Alejandro Rojas, Chloie Metzger, Jareth Gardea and Edith Gonzelez.

Fourth-grade elf Yaretzy Nuñez Ramirez sings during the elementary
Christmas program Thursday, Dec. 6.  —Enterprise photo

Singers were Yaretzy Nuñez Ramirez, Yeidi Juarez, Alecia Astorga, Fantasia Ruybal, Chloie Metzger, Perla Olivas, Ximena Nuñez Ramirez, Jesse Vasa, Ethan Andersen, Nadia Monreal Santiesteban, Tawshania Ploshnik, Sebastian Cazares, Giselle Prieto, Alec Sprague, Kylie Purkeypile and Emily Anderson.

For more photos, click here.

Holyoke Enterprise December 13, 2012