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Multi-car pile-up opens season PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brenda Johnson Brandt   
    Phillips County Raceway fans witnessed a multi-car pile-up, right in front of the grandstands, at the onset of the Modifieds Feature Race Sunday night, May 24.
    No one was injured, and all but three cars were able to return to the track for the race.
    Twenty-one cars were headed to the green flag when one of the front cars died or sputtered. At that point, the other cars had nowhere to go, and cars started piling up. It appeared to be about 10 cars deep in the pile-up.
    Local racers involved in the pile-up were Garrett Sporhase of Holyoke, Justin Bussell of Imperial, Neb. and Jim Gronewald of Wray. Sporhase was able to return to the race to place fourth. The other two did not return.
    Sporhase emphasized the cars are built to protect drivers, and he has not seen many injuries at the track.
    New to the grandstands-filled crowd was the size of the track at Phillips County Raceway. Volunteers recently put in countless hours to convert it to a 3/8 mile track instead of a half-mile.
    The west end was moved 330 feet to the east, and the pit area is now located west of the track itself, instead of in the interior of the track. This allows for better viewing of the north side from the grandstands.
    All other tracks are 3/8 mile, so Phillips County Raceway’s conversion makes it easier for drivers to come here and also for local drivers to compete elsewhere. In order to race on the half-mile track, drivers had to change their rear end gear ratios. The new track makes it easier to come and go to other raceways.
    Heginbotham Trust provided funds for the racetrack conversion, and numerous other entities provided supply and service discounts and donations. Volunteers completed the project.
    The next races at Phillips County Raceway will be held Sunday, June 7, starting at 6 p.m.

May 24 race results
    Racers are listed in order of placing:
Hobby Stock
    Econo/Hobby Main Event—Leland Stute of Benkelman, Neb., Mike Kennedy of Cheyenne Wells, Cody DeWester of McCook, Neb., Mike Woodhead of Holyoke, Austin Davis of Wray, Litton Stute of Benkelman, Neb., Nick Newman of Haxtun, Curt Kennedy of Cheyenne Wells, Martha Newman of Haxtun, Bill Triplette of Holyoke, Ron Edge of Amherst, Mike Lininger of Holyoke.
    Econo/Hobby, Heat 1—Leland Stute, Davis, Litton Stute, DeWester, Martha Newman.
    Econo/Hobby, Heat 2—Edge, Woodhead, Mike Kennedy, Curt Kennedy, Lininger, Triplette.
Sport Modified
    Sport Modified Main Event—Robby Haines of Benkelman, Neb., Dan Vauring of Mead, Greg Gustus of Brighton, Max Pollmann of Trenton, Chad Young of Imperial, Neb., Lance Brandt of Lindon, Kyle Cuckon of Weldona.
    Sport Modified, Heat 1—Gustus, Haines, Vauring, Young, Brandt, Cuckon, Pollman, Justin Helgoth of Holyoke.
    Modified Main Event—Dominic Ursetta of Arvada, Cole Hodges of Ogallala, Neb., Beau Speicker of Denver, Garrett Sporhase of Holyoke, Jeremy Frenier of Ft. Morgan, Eddie Belec of Lakewood, Zack Hilzer of Ft. Morgan, Chuck Jenson of Sutherland, Neb., Chris Gould of Westminster.
    Greg Sharpe of Commerce City, Cory Eikenbog of Wiggins, Tyson Groves of Orchard, DJ Banks of Brush, Don Pruitt of Colorado Springs, Tom Sears of Wiggins, Jason Anderson of Weldona, Kenny Sharpe, Kyle Clough of Wallace, Neb., Haines, Justin Bussel of Imperial, Neb., Jim Gronewald of Wray.
    Modified, Heat 1—Ursetta, Belec, Eikenbog, Jenson, Hilzer, Kenny Sharpe, Sears.
    Modified Heat 2—Speicker, Frenier, Sporhase, Haines, Banks, Bussell, Anderson.
    Modified Heat 3—Hodges, Greg Sharpe, Groves, Gould, Gronewald, Clough.
Stock Car
    Stock Car Main Event—Shawn Bigham of Imperial, Neb., Lloyd Meeske of Champon, Neb., Jesse Taylor of Ft. Morgan, Casey Woken of Ogallala, Neb., Ivan Wiebke of Holyoke, Earl Woodward of Ft. Morgan, Justin Simonson of Wheatridge, Doug Unson of Winsor.
    Stock Car, Heat 1—Meeske, Taylor, Bigham, Woodward, Simonson, Woken, Wiebke, Unson.