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Crossroads teen choir to perform in Holyoke PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   
    Monday, June 8 the Crossroads Teen Choir will be performing the musical David’s Journey at the Holyoke high school auditorium. The event is set to begin at 7 p.m.
    David’s Journey is a musical written by Kris Wolf, director of the Crossroads teen choir. It’s an updated version of the story of David, said Wolf.
    Members of the choir are high school students from the Rising Sun Church in Des Moines, Iowa. The choir rehearses and performs locally year round, but their big event is the week long tour. In the choir’s 15 years of traveling, Wolf has been all over the country, but this year’s stop in Holyoke will be a first.
    While on tour, the choir has seen many exciting places including venues in Washington D.C., New York and Canada. Their coming to Holyoke was no mistake though. Dave Bouchard, music and adult education minister at the church, once lived in Holyoke.
    In 1955-59 Bouchard attended Holyoke Elementary School. It was his recollection of his years here that prompted him to look into a performance here.  Needless to say, the arrangements fell into place, and the choir will be coming.
    The hour long musical tells a classic Bible story using upbeat music and dancing. And it’s not all serious, said Wolf, there are things that make you laugh.
    Performing with the choir is a great experience for the students, and it is a chance for them to step out of their comfort zones, noted Wolf. It’s huge because they get to sing about something that is ultimately important.
    The kids are very committed to the tour and have worked hard to give the audience an enjoyable and meaningful experience. They are quick to point out, however, they are not performing, they are ministering. David’s Journey should be a rewarding event for all who attend.