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Vegetable varieties recommended for the local area PDF Print E-mail
Written by Linda Langelo, CSU Extension, horticulture program associate   

By Linda Langelo, CSU Extension, horticulture program associate

Gardening season is almost upon the Plains. Over the last several years, Golden Plains Area community gardens have planted a number of varieties, and Extension is sharing their list of varieties with gardeners.

This list consists of the varieties that did the best for the gardens and were reliable. There have been some reliable heirlooms and other reliable hybrids. However, Extension prefers to use the heirloom varieties wherever possible.

There are other varieties that they have tried that have not produced or performed well, such as Brandywine Tomato. This tomato has not been reliable, but it has great taste as an heirloom. In 2010 it performed poorly, but in 2011 it performed well.

Heirlooms are not always resistant to disease as are hybrids, and weather conditions play a role in the success of a crop. In hybrids, the taste is bred out of the vegetable to strengthen the plant for other things. Heirlooms have the best taste.

Here is a list of Extension’s recommendations:

Turnip: White Top Purple Globe.

Tomato: Early Girl, Better Boy, Heirloom Cherokee Purple, Heirloom Mortgage Lifter, Big Red, Giant Beefsteak.

Swiss chard: Bright Lights, Fordhook Giant, Magenta Sunset, Neon, Rhubarb.

Squash winter: Spaghetti, Acorn-Honey Bear, Sugar Hubbard, Red Kuri, Butternut Hunter.

Squash summer: Black Beauty, Emerald Delight, Delta, Patty Pan.

Spinach: Malabar, New Zealand, Hellcat.

Radish: Easter Egg.

Potato: Yukon Gold.

Pepper—hot: Anaheim, Big Chile, Jalapeno, Habanero

Pepper—sweet: Red Bell, Green Bell, Mini Red Bell.

Peas: Sugar Snap.

Lettuce: Baby Star, New Red Fire, Merlot, Four Seasons.

Kohlrabi: Express Forcer Hybrid

Radish: Hailstone.

Onions: Yellow—Walla Walla Sweet and white variety—Snow White.

Garlic: Chesnok Red, Killarney Red (Rocambole).

Eggplant: White-Casper, Black-Big Dragon, Black King, Black Beauty.

Cucumber: Burpless Varieties, General Lee, Armenian, Straight Eight, Boston Pickling

Corn—sweet: Yellow Corn-Golden Bantam, Honey & Cream.

Carrots: Danvers Half Long.

Cabbage: Chinese Varieties.

Broccoli: Pacman.

Brussel Sprouts: Jade Cross.

Beets: Kestrel, Detroit Dark Red, Bulls Blood, Chioggia.

Beans: Bush Varieties—Venture, Triumphe De Farcy; Pole—Kentucky Wonder and Blue Lake.

Basil: Genovese.

If gardeners have a variety of one of the crops listed that they would like to share with Extension, please contact Linda Langelo.

For the coming season of 2013, in all the area gardens there will be the following varieties:

Beets, Early Wonder, Merlin; bean, Contender (Bush); cucumber, Armenian Burpless, Marketmore; peas, Sugar Snap; pepper, Habanero; pumpkin, Lumina; radish, Easter Egg Blend; spinach, New Zealand Spinach; Swiss chard, Bright Lights; squash summer, Black Beauty Zucchini, Early Prolific, Straightneck; tomato, Bush; tomato (Pole), Red Siberian (Russian Heirloom).

Each garden adds a selection of flowers for decoration and cutting. Some of the gardens do corn, pumpkins, cantaloupe and watermelon, and some do not. If gardeners have not tried some of these varieties, go ahead and do so.


Holyoke Enterprise March 21, 2013