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Written by Brenda Johnson Brandt   

Help Find Kelsie

22-year-old Kelsie Schelling has been missing for two months or eight and a half weeks or 41 days. However you count it, it must feel like an eternity to her parents, Doug Schelling and Laura Saxton, and to her brother, Colby Schelling.

Since it was first learned that Kelsie, who grew up in Holyoke, was missing, having not been seen since Feb. 4, I’ve agonized for her and her family.

How can family even function with the uncertainty of her whereabouts? I can’t even begin to imagine the nightmare that they’re living.

Social media immediately came into action with pleas for help to find Kelsie, who had left her home in Denver to meet her boyfriend in Pueblo Monday evening, Feb. 4. Face-book spread the word, and police contact information was pushed to the forefront.

Hours turned into days, and it was Valentine’s Day—10 days after Kelsie had been seen­—that her car was found in an employee parking lot at St. Mary Corwin Hospital in Pueblo.

Video surveillance from the hospital showed the car was actually abandoned in the parking lot Feb. 7 but wasn’t found until a week later.

Days turned into two weeks, and it was Kelsie’s 22nd birthday on Feb. 18.

Weeks added up to move past the one-month mark, and still no word from Kelsie.

On March 15, the family spoke about Kelsie’s disappearance at a press conference. The heartbreak they’re experiencing was clearly evident as they gathered for the press conference in Pueblo.

Her brother, Colby, spoke during the session, saying his sister was a faith-filled person who was very close with family and friends and definitely wouldn’t go this long without talking to someone.

Media and the public in general were disappointed the Pueblo police weren’t more forthcoming with information about the surveillance videos they’d obtained, about Kelsie’s boyfriend and about other details of the case.

Colby shared in the press conference that his sister is always quick to lend a helping hand, and the family asks everyone to lend a hand to her in helping to find her.

Help Find Kelsie is the Facebook page set up by the family. It has served as a place for friends to post words of support, memories, photos and prayers.

But the frustration has to be tremendous as no further advancement of finding Kelsie seems to be happening.

Photos released by the Pueblo Police Department just last Friday, March 29, showed Kelsie’s vehicle parked in the Wal-Mart parking lot on Northern Avenue. Surveillance video shows her car was parked on the south end of the parking lot Feb. 5 around noon. At around 7:20 a.m. Feb. 6, an unknown party got into her vehicle and drove away.

This unknown party was captured on the video as the car was picked up, and a couple of other vehicles are in the photos from the video as well. Police are hoping the photos will lead someone to come forward with information. The police contact number is 719-542-7867. Detective Neal Robinson’s number is 719-553-2470.

This past weekend, Kelsie’s parents and brother searched the Pueblo area by plane to identify potential areas they could then search on the ground.

Their feeling of helplessness in finding their daughter and sister has to be tremendous. I hope their Easter weekend search effort helped them.

I hope and pray they continue to find comfort and support from friends and that the effort to find Kelsie will be rewarded with success.

“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” —Philippians 4:7.

God’s blessings to Kelsie’s family and the search to bring her home.

Holyoke Enterprise April 4, 2013