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Enterprise Poll: Do stricter gun laws create safer cities? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   
Wednesday, 17 April 2013 12:43

“I don’t think that by itself will lead to safer cities. I think child rearing is big. If kids aren’t taught self-respect and respect for others in a loving environment, all of the gun laws in the world won’t help.” 

—Carolyn Sperber

“No. People that are going to cause problems are going to get a gun regardless. It just makes it harder and more expensive for law abiding citizens.” 

—Casey Blake

“I am for limited gun laws. I believe that hunting is fine, but I do not believe that anybody needs large magazines or automatic weapons for hunting.” 

—Caryl Harvey

“I think it would help, but bad guys will always find a gun.” 

—Esther Hendrix

“I think gun control is one of the steps, but we need to look at mental health also and the availability of treatment for those who need it and support for those who have loved ones with mental health issues as well.” 

—Linda Sperber

“No. If they take guns away from law abiding citizens, criminals will still be able to get them.” 

—Terry Pocock

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Holyoke Enterprise April 18, 2013
Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 April 2013 13:05