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HSC competes in Burlington meet PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jes-c Brandt   
    Holyoke swimmers placed sixth overall in the second meet of the summer. The Saturday, June 6 competition in Burlington began a bit overcast, but cleared up for a great meet. Swim Club Coach Adria Colver commended the team on an outstanding meet.
    Colver went on to say she was pleased with the individual accomplishments she saw throughout the day, especially in the individual medleys.
    On a sad note, the swim meet was the last of the summer for two Holyoke competitors. Amy Krogmeier and Briar Bergner finished their season Saturday, leaving the older end of the swimming spectrum rather sparse for the Holyoke Swim Club.
    Fortunately, said Colver, Pamela and LeAnne McWilliams will continue in the 15-18 age division this year. With the exit of some swimmers, Colver noted she is excited to start working with some of the younger kids who have had a very promising season so far.
    Team standings at the end of the day were Colby winning the meet with 268 points. Goodland followed with 198 points, Oberlin 180, Wray 175, Burlington 145, Holyoke 127, Flagler 55 and Oakley 33.  
    This week the club will travel to Goodland, Kan. for their Saturday, June 13 meet.

    Individual results for the Holyoke  swimmers are as follows:

8 and Under

    Girls—Brenna Sullivan— 1st, 100 yd. individual medley (IM); 3rd, 25 yd. freestyle; 3rd, 25 yd. butterfly.
    Kyra Loutensock—2nd, 25 yd. freestyle; 3rd, 25 yd. backstroke; 6th, 50 yd. freestyle.
    Emily Jelden—1st, 25 yd. butterfly; 4th, 50 yd. freestyle.
    Lauren Bergner—6th, 25 yd. breaststroke.
    100 yd. girls’ freestyle relay—2nd, Bergner, Josie Herman, Lali Marquez and Sullivan.
    100 yd. girls’ medley relay—2nd, Morganne Kumm, Sullivan, Jelden and Shianne Willmon.
    Also competing was Kristin Vieselmeyer.
    Boys—Keegan Shaw—1st, 25 yd. backstroke; 3rd, 25 yd. freestyle;  4th, 50 yd. freestyle.
    Seth Watson—4th, 25 yd. backstroke; 5th, 25 yd. freestyle.

    Girls—Emily Krogmeier— 1st, 25 yd. freestyle; 1st, 100 yd. IM; 2nd, 25 yd. butterfly.
    Tara Krueger—2nd, 25 yd. breaststroke; 6th, 100 yd. freestyle.
    100 yd. girls’ medley relay—1st, Krogmeier, Anna Jelden, Loutensock and Krueger.
    100 yd. girls’ freestyle relay—3rd, Krogmeier, Anna Jelden, Loutensock and Krueger.
    Boys—Tristan Sullivan—6th, 100 yd. freestyle; 4th, 25 yd. breaststroke.
    Austin Herman—3rd, 25 yd. backstroke.
    100 yd. boys’ freestyle relay—3rd, Herman, Sullivan, Shaw and Watson.
    100 yd. boys medley relay—3rd, Herman, Sullivan, Shaw and Watson.

    Girls­—Danielle Brandt— 1st, 100 yd. IM; 2nd, 50 yd. backstroke; 2nd, 50 yd. butterfly.
    Megan Vieselmeyer— 2nd, 100 yd. IM; 2nd, 100 yd. freestyle; 6th, 50 yd. breaststroke.

    Girls—Amy Krogmeier—4th, 100 yd. freestyle; 4th, 100 yd. breaststroke; 6th, 50 yd. freestyle.
    200 yd. mixed medley relay—6th, Amy Krogmeier, Danielle Brandt, Megan Vieselmeyer and Briar Bergner.
    200 yd. mixed freestyle relay—6th, Krogmeier, Brandt, Vieselmeyer and Bergner.