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Dinosaur Stomp moves to Event Center PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

With a big, loud “Dinosaur Stomp,” Dragon’s Wagon Preschool took its year-end spaghetti supper and program to the Phillips County Event Center Thursday, May 16.

The change in venue proved successful for both the fundraising meal and program, which included entertainment by the children, as well as a live auction and silent auction.

Two groups of preschool students entertained with songs and rhymes, decked out in colorful headpieces and handheld props.

“Five Little Dinosaurs” was the song, with six preschoolers taking center stage near the end of Thursday night’s “Dinosaur Stomp.” Preschoolers are pictured from left, Cozner Ring, Jackie Santiesteban, Anessa Colglazier, Marely Favela, Teagan Martin and Eduardo Flores. 

 —Enterprise photo

Children who will not be entering kindergarten next fall opened the dinosaur theme program Thursday.

Starting off the program was “Dinosaur Stomp,” featuring Alexxander Mateo Zazo, Mylee Dirks, Andres Bencomo, Erica Flores and Chance Piper.

Roxy Santos Dominguez, Ricardo Juarez Goytia, Abby Hoch, Briseyda Gonzalez Lopez, Rorey Schneller and Ilario Turcio Espinal made their way to the center of the stage for “If I was a Dinosaur.”

“Baby Dinosaur” brought Reese Steggs, Kaden Herman, Sadee Mosenteen and Adrian Chafino to the front.

“Dinosaur Roar” was a fun one presented by Riley Powell, Jacob Fu, Logan Martin, Sylvester Jones, Brody Smith, Marix Perez, Claire Hubbard and Hadley Kerst.

“Great Big Dinosaur” included Lindsey Hermosillo Bustillos, Auron Lueth, Sophia Rahe and Daniela Castillo Marquez.

Peyton Adams, Amairany Murilllo, Tyler Anderson, Elia Wear and Sujey Bustillos Diaz closed out the first group’s portion of the “Dinosaur Stomp” with “The Dinosaur Song.”

Students who will enter kindergarten in August performed the second half of Thursday’s program. Following their performance, each was presented a graduation certificate by preschool staff.

Marcia Walter serves as director for Dragon’s Wagon, with Joan Owens as assistant director. Amy Marner and Emma Mackay are aides, while Mary Berges serves as a BOCES aide and Maria Rojo as ELL aide.

“If I was a Dinosaur” features Group One preschoolers, pictured from left, Roxy Santos Dominguez, Ricardo Juarez Goytia, Abby Hoch, Briseyda Gonzales Lopez, Rorey Schneller and Hario Turcio Espinal.  

—Enterprise photo

“We will Stomp You” featured Hannah Keith, Jeylin Dominguez, Callum Mackay, Vianey Jimenez and Bryce Kinnie.

Sarah Hayes, Isabelle Kropp, Theoden Britton, Joel Estrada, Mickenzie Warner, Rosalinda Turcios Espinal, Xavier Santiesteban and Brandon Bustillos Diaz took the spotlight for “Dinosaur, Dinosaur.”

Featured entertainers for “Dinosaurs Lived Long Ago” were Clayton Beard, Annette Moreno, Colby Weber, Rubi Bencomo Dominguez and Nevaeh Speicher.

“Five Little Dinosaurs” included Cozner Ring, Jackie Santiesteban, Anessa Colglazier, Marely Favela, Teagan Martin and Eduardo Flores.

“Dino Ditty” featured Valeria Morales Guereque, Kayti Williams, A.J. Acosta, José Peña Garcia, Isabella Mendoza and Courtlyn Kinnie.

All children in the second group joined in for “Dinosaur Goodnight.”


Holyoke Enterprise May 23, 2013