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Holyoke swimmers dive into summer competition PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

Despite the overcast skies and cold weather, Holyoke swimmers put in a strong effort at the Northwest Kansas Swim League opening meet in Holyoke on Saturday, June 1.

Eight teams were represented by 279 swimmers at Saturday’s swim meet. Forty-five competitors on Holyoke’s 47-member team swam in the season opener.

Lali Marquez comes up for air during the 11-12 50 yd. butterfly.
She earned second place in the event.  

—Enterprise photo

Malena McWilliams starts the first leg of the 15-18 200 yd. mixed medley relay.  

—Enterprise photo

Holyoke Swim Club ended the day third in the team standings. Goodland, Kan., secured first with 285.5 points, followed by Colby, Kan., 199, Holyoke 195.5, Wray 177, Oberlin, Kan., 150, Burlington 136, Flagler 42.5 and Oakley, Kan., 26.5.

The coaches were very positive after the meet. Coach Adria Colver was very pleased with the team’s overall performance, noting improvements in the simmers’ turns and starts, as well as some wonderful time drops.

Colver said the 11-12-year-old swimmers placed well, despite often being the youngest in their age group.

Coach Brenda Krueger commented on the promising season ahead, particularly with the 15-18 200 yd. medley relay team. The young team of 14-and 15-year-olds cut 3 seconds off their previous relay time.

The NWKSL will continue their season with a meet in Wray on Saturday, June 8.

Shianne Willmon swims breaststroke during the girls’ 11-12 100 yd. individual medley event.  

—Enterprise photo

Ethan Schneller takes a breath during the boys’ 8 and under
50 yd. freestyle event, in which he placed fourth.

—Enterprise photo

Individual results for Holyoke swimmers at the June 1 meet follow:

8 and under

Girls—Erin Andersen—4th, 50 yd. freestyle.

Boys—Ethan Schneller—2nd, 25 yd. butterfly; 4th, 50 yd. freestyle; 5th, 25 yd. freestyle.

Carter Van Overbeke—6th, 25 yd. backstroke.

100 yd. girls’ freestyle relay—4th, Andrea Marquez, Bria Thomas, Aspen Jagers and Andersen.

100 yd. mixed freestyle relay—4th, Schneller, Van Overbeke, Miranda Morales and Payton Ferguson.

Miranda Morales swims her way through her leg of the 8 and under 100 yd. mixed freestyle relay.

—Enterprise photo


Girls—Rylee Schneller—1st, 25 yd. freestyle; 1st, 100 yd. individual medley; 2nd, 25 yd. breaststroke.

Kristin Vieselmeyer—1st, 25 yd. backstroke; 2nd, 100 yd. freestyle; 4th, 100 yd. individual medley.

Haley Van Overbeke—3rd, 100 yd. freestyle; 3rd, 25 yd. butterfly; 3rd, 25 yd. breaststroke.

Ashley Rahe—2nd, 25 yd. butterfly; 4th, 100 yd. freestyle.

Lauren Herman—3rd, 25 yd. freestyle; 5th, 25 yd. butterfly.

Elise Krogmeier—5th, 25 yd. breaststroke; 6th, 25 yd. butterfly.

Boys—Isaiah Rahe—3rd, 25 yd. backstroke; 6th, 25 yd. butterfly.

Ethan Andersen—6th, 25 yd. backstroke.

100 yd. girls’ freestyle relay—1st, Schneller, Vieselmeyer, Van Overbeke and Ashley Rahe.

100 yd. girls’ medley relay—2nd, Ashley Rahe, Krogmeier, Herman and Elby Kropp.

100 yd. boys’ medley relay—3rd, Koby Way, Andersen, Isaiah Rahe and Tristen Ferguson.

100 yd. mixed freestyle relay—5th, Riley Ferguson, Krogmeier, Kropp and Herman.

100 yd. mixed medley relay—1st, Schneller, Van Overbeke, Vieselmeyer and Max Dirks.

Carter Van Overbeke pushes off the wall to start the 25 yd. backstroke.
Van Overbeke earned sixth in the event.

—Enterprise photo


Girls—Emily Jelden—2nd, 50 yd. backstroke; 2nd, 50 yd. breaststroke; 5th, 100 yd. individual medley.

Lali Marquez—2nd, 50 yd. butterfly; 4th, 100 yd. individual medley.

Demiah Hernandez—6th, 50 yd. freestyle.

Boys—Keegan Shaw—3rd, 100 yd. freestyle; 3rd, 100 yd. individual medley; 5th, 50 yd. freestyle.

Remington Hielscher—3rd, 50 yd. backstroke.

200 yd. girls’ freestyle relay—2nd, Jelden, Marquez, Morganne Kumm and Hernandez.

200 yd. girls’ medley relay—2nd, Jelden, Josie Herman, Marquez and Hernandez.

200 yd. mixed freestyle relay—4th, Shaw, Shianne Willmon, Lauren Bergner and Hielscher.

200 yd. mixed medley relay—4th, Hielscher, Willmon, Kumm and Shaw.

Emily Krogmeier dives in to begin her leg of the 15-18 200 yd. mixed freestyle relay.  

—Enterprise photo


Girls—Emily Krogmeier—1st, 50 yd. freestyle; 2nd, 100 yd. freestyle; 2nd, 200 yd. individual medley.

Tara Krueger—2nd, 100 yd. breaststroke; 3rd, 100 yd. backstroke.

Regan Van Overbeke—3rd, 100 yd. freestyle; 4th, 200 yd. individual medley; 6th, 100 yd. breaststroke.

200 yd. girls’ freestyle relay—3rd, Juliana Hernandez, Anna Jelden, Regan Van Overbeke and Michalla Drake.

200 yd. girls’ medley relay—3rd, Hernandez, Drake, Jelden and Van Overbeke.

Erin Vieselmeyer competed in the girls’ 15-18 100 yd. butterfly event
on Saturday. She placed first in the event, along with earning two other
firsts in freestyle and backstroke during her final home swim meet.  

—Enterprise photo


Girls—Erin Vieselmeyer—1st, 100 yd. freestyle; 1st, 100 yd. backstroke; 1st, 100 yd. butterfly.

Danielle Brandt—2nd, 50 yd. freestyle; 2nd, 100 yd. backstroke; 3rd, 100 yd. freestyle.

Lori McWilliams—5th, 100 yd. backstroke; 5th, 100 yd. breaststroke.

Boys—Issac Brandt—3rd, 100 yd. breaststroke; 6th, 100 yd. freestyle.

200 yd. mixed freestyle relay—5th, Issac Brandt, Erin Vieselmeyer, Malena McWilliams and Kyndal Maurath of Oakley.

200 yd. mixed medley relay—3rd, Lori McWilliams, Danielle Brandt, Krueger and Krogmeier; 5th, Malena McWilliams, Erin Vieselmeyer, Issac Brandt and Megan Vieselmeyer.

Holyoke Enterprise June 6, 2013