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Written by Tracy Trumper   

Total diet approach for good health

The article “Total Diet Approach to Healthy Eating” in the February 2013 issue of the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics confirms the adage “Everything in moderation” when it comes to eating for good health.

Depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy and adopting a new dietary pattern of foods that you do not like is putting you on the path to failure. This is why “diets” often do not work if you are trying to become healthier and lose weight.

Instead, the overall pattern of your diet is more important than individual foods you consume. This mindset is often hard to change. But, remember, small changes can have large and lasting effects. Here are the basics to an overall approach to a healthy diet:

—Eat in moderation.

—Control your portion sizes of the foods you love.

Limit foods high in processed sugars to once a day in the later part of the day to avoid morning “sugar rushes.”

Remember: Fist=1 cup, handful=1 ounce, thumb=1 tablespoon, palm = 3 ounces.

When eating out, eat half of the sandwich or entrée and save the rest for lunch the next day. Get the kids’ size portions.

—Check food labels for serving sizes. Eat part of the package one day and then the rest the next day.

—Create the ideal dinner plate: 1/2 plate, non-starchy veggies/fruit, with a side of protein; 1/4 plate, fist-size or one cup starches, like whole grains, starchy vegetables; 1/4 plate or the size of the palm of your hand, lean protein such as 3-ounce serving of chicken or fish and eat less red meat. The American Heart Association recommends a palm-sized portion of red meat no more than two to three times per week.

—Indulge in chips and pretzels as snacks every once in a while. Substitute high-sodium and sugar snacks for a handful of raw unsalted almonds or walnuts or a fist of fresh fruit.


 Holyoke Enterprise June 20, 2013