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Owners appreciative that lost dogs were returned home safe and sound PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   

Almost all letters to the editor are something negative. I would like to change that up a little for once.

My husband and I were on vacation in New Jersey for two weeks for our grandson’s high school graduation. We had a great young lady (Catrina Krueger) stay at our house while we were gone. Her most important function was to take care of our two little dogs (our other children). She also watered plants, kept the house clean, etc., etc.

One day while we were visitng the museum at West Point, we received a call from Jeff Sullivan. He had spotted one of our dogs (Blue) downtown. She had almost been run over by a truck, and she was in a panic. He was not aware that we were so far away. When we explained where we were, he just took over and did what he could to get her back home safe and sound, and he did.

I then got a phone call from Holyoke Vet Clinic (Melinda Kent). She said a lady had brought our other dog in (Layla). She found her at the Kwik Stop, and she was also quite frantic. I asked her to keep her there, and I would send Jeff to pick her up ... in hopes that he could do that. He did do that, and both of our little girls were safe and sound at home.

When I was able to reach Catrina, she was also in a panic. She had left for work and turned around and went directly to the house. The doggies were there when she got there, and so was our great and faithful neighbor (Don Hewitt).

It seems that a gate was open, and we don’t know how or why, but it only proves to us what great people we have in Holyoke. Catrina and Don were diligent about watching that gate—making sure it was closed at all times after that incident.

Mike and I want to thank everyone involved in making sure our doggies were safe, including the nice lady that picked up Layla at the Kwik Stop. Sorry we didn’t get your name.

We are so happy and proud to be in such a great city of people that care.

Mike and Sherry Simms

Holyoke Enterprise July 11, 2013