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Unique experience offered for caddies at Ballyneal PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kyle Arnoldy   

Situated southeast of Holyoke amongst the hills of sunflowers and sand dunes lies one of the top-ranked golf courses in the world, Ballyneal Golf Club.

To avid golfers in northeastern Colorado, the membership-only course represents an elusive gem many have only read about in golf magazines, but to numerous locals in Holyoke, Ballyneal offers a unique employment opportunity.

Many high school kids often fill the summer months by getting a part-time job. While most jobs are often important steps in the development of responsible adults, they lack the appeal and draw of being able to walk one of the most prestigious golf courses in the nation, rubbing shoulders with professional golfers and even some celebrities.

Summed up, caddies are responsible for carrying players’ golf bags and clubs, offering advice and providing strategic guidance to help make the player’s experience as enjoyable as possible.

The life of a caddie at Ballyneal may not sound appealing at first, carrying other golfers’ heavy bags for miles in the heat can be physically demanding, but the position also comes with a number of opportunities not offered at other summer positions.

First-year caddie Daniel Bencomo practices good form when reading
the green, holding the pin so the flag won’t whip in the wind and
positioning himself outside of the path the ball will travel.  ­
—Enterprise photo


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The Holyoke ENterprise Aug. 22, 2013