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Bohrers say farewell to community PDF Print E-mail
Written by Holyoke Enterprise   
 Sara and I want to say goodbye and let the community know how much we’ve enjoyed living here. Six years ago a brother in law asked if the streets were paved. We said, “yes, not only that, but so are the alleys.” Things just got better and better as the years went by. The streets are swept, limbs are picked up, the snow is removed from the streets around the schools and uptown, and trash is picked up twice a week. What a city!
 A funny occurrence that is indicative of the fine community we’re leaving is one from 2003 when we were leaving town for the weekend. Librarian Laura Roth phoned to tell Stephen that a book he ordered on interlibrary loan had come in. He said he didn’t have time to come by and she said she would bring it by the house on her way to lunch. That is the type of service we received almost everywhere in town on a regular basis. And also, isn’t the library beautiful?
 We also enjoyed having mail carrier Bob Brandt willing to get out of his car and hand deliver the mail if need be and occassionally leave it on the dining room table.
 We attended several churches and enjoyed them all, but chose to attend, and later join, the First Baptist Church where we especially enjoyed the sermons of Gary Jones and now Gordon Penfold. Our Sunday evening house church was a special blessing where we fellowshipped with Susan and Jim Kienholz, Beverly and Leon Atkins, Jean and Mark Clayton, Julie and Ivan Wiebke and others from time to time.
 As you probably had noticed we have enjoyed eating at all of the restaurants. How great for a small town.
 There is no need to tell you that the Holyoke Enterprise is a special business serving the information needs of the entire community It regularly tell the stories of local heroes, special events, school activities and community stories of interest. The balance and thought that goes into each story is a testament to publisher Brenda Brandt and the entire Enterprise staff.
 Star 92.3 radio is another institution that deserves our praise as it tells the stories of the schools’ activities, and unites the whole town behind the Dragons.
 We marvel how the parking places are always full and the downtown appears vibrant morning, noon and night. We’re thankful to have lived in a community that cares about its people, children, lawns, houses and culture.
 We will miss people we have worked with, clubs and organizations we have belonged to, and we want to thank everyone for the friendship and kindnesses shown to us in our six years living in Holyoke. We wish you all God’s blessings.
 We head now to Alamosa where we are told it is cold. We hope they are talking about the temperature, as we know how fortunate we have been to live in the warm town of Holyoke.
Stephen and Sara Bohrer