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Written by Lee Pitts   

A committee of one

I’m not a real meeting-goer. The last meeting I went to was 20 years ago, and believe me, it felt like it lasted that long. I doubt the Rotarians would have me, and, although I think highly of them, I’m not a Moose, Elk, Lion or any other group of wild animals that meet regularly. I was on a planning commission once, but the group seemed to think that our town might be better off if I stayed home.

One of the reasons I dislike meetings so much is that I was a member of the FFA in high school, and all our meetings were conducted properly using Robert’s Rules of Order. Although groups say they are using the same rules today, I think they are really using Howard or Helen’s Rules of Order. Or whoever else is president.

The primary reason I hate meetings is that any time you get more than two people together they start acting stupid. Instead of saying, “That’s the most idiotic idea I’ve ever heard,” you hear yourself seconding the motion.

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Holyoke Enterprise September 5, 2013