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County adopts new weed and junk regulation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Darci Tomky   

Phillips County commissioners adopted a new weed and junk regulation, as reported at their Monday, Sept. 30 meeting.

This is a brand-new amendment to zoning regulations that will now allow the county a way to address problems with weeds and junk in the county.

“It gives the county the power to do something,” said county administrator Randy Schafer.

The regulation is driven by complaints, he said, so residents will need to file a complaint with the county, which will start an investigation and initiate a meeting with the resident.

They will work toward a solution, and if a solution cannot be found, the person will be fined.

Schafer said in the past they’ve had complaints about objects blowing off a property into someone else’s property. The regulation also addresses junk that could be a health concern or weeds that could pose fire danger, among other things.

The administrator noted zoned industrial tracts of 10 acres or more and agriculture properties are exempt from the new regulation.


Landfill tire charges increase

Phillips County has revised its tire fees at the landfill due to increases from Resource Management, the company that takes care of the county’s tire disposal.

Charges are as follows:

—Truck tire, $10, up from $6.

—Super single truck, $15, up from $10.

—Truck tire on rim, $15 plus weight charge, up from $12.

—Pivot irrigation, $15, up from $9.

—Tractor tire up to 18.4 inches wide, $25, up from $17.

—Tractor tire on rim, $34 plus weight charge.

—Large tractor tire and small loader tire, $50 (new category).

In the month of September, Phillips County was also working on the new parking facility to the east of the courthouse in the 200 block of South Campbell Avenue. It is nearing completion, with the plumbing and doors already installed.

Next week, they plan to pour cement. They also need to finish the electrical work and decorative brick facing. A sprinkler system has been installed on the north and west sides of the parking facility, with plans to plant sod soon.

Commissioners have also been busy attending meetings to inform the public about the 51st state issue. They are in the process of meeting with school boards, city councils, local organizations and more within the county.

They hope to better explain why the 51st state question is on the ballot and how the residents will be able to vote to let the county know whether they should pursue the idea of a new state.

“It’s a statement; that’s all it is,” said commissioner Joe Kinnie. “We are tired of the way things are being done.” He went on to say he hopes people will back Phillips County’s proposal for equal representation on the state level.

At Monday’s commissioner meeting, the board reported they have reapplied for a Historical Grant for the third time. If awarded, the $110,000 grant will contribute to a total project cost of $160,000 to replace inside window panes at the courthouse, work on the outside of the windows and restore the chimney.

Phillips County is also replacing the video conference system in the courtroom, which is used to monitor proceedings and for video arraignments. The previous system was damaged this summer because of something electrical or possibly lightning. The Solutionz Conferencing system costs $9,287.

In September, commissioners received and began reviewing submitted budgets by county departments for next year’s budget.

Beginning Oct. 1, Forest Coronado started as a full-time maintenance worker at Phillips County Fairgrounds.

Holyoke Enterprise October 3, 2013