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Hospital focuses on HUD business plan PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chris Lee   

One of the big topics of the June 22 hospital board meeting was Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The board voted unanimously to approve the submission of a business plan to meet a failed HUD requirement.

As reported at last month’s meeting, the district failed to meet one of the nine requirements. The requirement to have not more than a one-percent loss in operating revenue for two years was not met. That figure comes from operating margin and does not include tax revenue, grants or contributions.

“I do want to make very clear that we had a positive bottom line both in 2007 and 2008,” Ayoub said. “We are not a financially insolvent organization.”

The district was required to write a business plan saying they recognize they weren’t in compliance with the requirement and stating ideas and ways to become compliant.

Ayoub mentioned they focused on providers in the report. When Dr. Greg Holst left in January 2007, the hospital took a big hit as well as when nurse practitioner Kathy Meyer left. Then with the arrival of Dr. Kevin Cuccinelli and nurse practitioners Deana O’Gorman and Judy Sudmeier, Ayoub said the hospital hasn’t been able to hit its stride. He said with Dr. Danielle McClellan coming on board they anticipate revenues will continue to go up as well as the ability to see more patients.

“We fully intend to not only make the requirement but to make it significantly this year,” Ayoub said.

CFO transition under way

Jim Rush presented his final financial report to the board, and new CFO Greg Was will present his first report at next month’s meeting.

The board granted an extension to keep Rush an additional 21 days to help make the transition easier for Was. They also approved the financial report in which Ayoub said MMH had a very good month in May. He said they brought in more revenue than budgeted for the first month since he has been here (March 2007).

Holyoke City Councilman Ray Bailey presented the board with the plans for the walking/biking path. According to Ayoub the board is in support of the path but would like to visit with legal counsel before writing a letter of support. Bailey said MMH has until the end of July to present that letter.

Strategic planning conducted

A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis was conducted with multiple groups within the hospital. The medical staff, managers/department heads and leadership team all participated.

The reason for the analysis was to find out from different perspectives what is happening well and what can be improved upon both internally and externally to the organization. Results will be used for the board’s strategic planning review or retreat Aug. 14, 15, 28 or 29.

Assignments for the five standing committees were announced, with the chairperson listed first: audit committee, Ray Malleck and Gary Rahe; community linkages committee, Sheryl Farnsworth and Malleck; administrator compensation committee, Steve Deaver and Farnsworth; credentialing committee, Rahe and Deaver; and the quality committee, Steve Young and Farnsworth.

Administrator reports

Ayoub said the hospital is in the process of looking for a new consultant pharmacist. The current consultant is from Greeley and has decided to move on and pursue other interests. A consultant pharmacist comes into the hospital once every quarter to look over the logs and make sure documentation is conducted properly.

The hospital is currently looking into bringing digital mammography to the hospital. The idea is to have a mobile unit come to the area but the issue is the images need to be read by a radiologist. MMH does not have a radiologist on staff so the board has been communicating with a gentleman from Brush who would be able to read the scans. Ayoub said transporting the images is another question.

The future of the modular unit at the old hospital location is still a question for the board. When the old hospital was sold, the modular unit was not part of that sale. The board had been speaking with another hospital but it is no longer interested.

Ayoub told the board he will be bringing in a couple of people to work with the active medical staff on some educational topics. All of the doctors are required to receive a certain amount of clinical medical education. In September they will focus on wound care. Ayoub said these will mostly be refreshment studies for the doctors but sometimes the instructors bring in new information.

Dr. McClellan will begin her orientation the week of July 28 and begin seeing patients the first week of August.

Ayoub met with Kenny Gaskill of the Comm Center and police chief Phil Biersdorfer to come up with ways to improve communication should a tornado threaten the hospital. Ayoub stressed it wasn’t because of something either the Comm Center or Police Dept. were doing wrong but rather he feels the hospital would be able to improve upon strategies if they had additional assistance.

Ayoub said the hospital still has numerous records and papers at the old hospital location that need to be moved by the time the new owners of the building take over. Patient, employee and financial records are just some of the files at the location. Ayoub said the hospital is required to keep a good number of the records for certain periods of time.

A company will be brought in to shred all of the confidential records that don’t need to be kept any longer. As for the records needing to be kept, a new storage modular quite different from the old one has been purchased and is at MMH.

Beginning in August, hospitals throughout Colorado will begin being contacted by Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC). RAC consists of people who are contracted through medicare. Ayoub said these folks contact hospitals requesting charts and records to find out if too much money was given to hospitals. Ayoub said MMH is making preparations because RAC has very stringent time lines.

A trauma survey will take place on July 30. Ayoub said surveys like this one come around every three years to make sure the hospital is up to par to be categorized as a trauma center. MMH is and has been a level four trauma center.

Other business

In other business June 22, the hospital board:

—approved credential renewal for nurse practitioners O’Gorman and Sudmeier and Dr. H. Rai Kakkar.

—accepted the MMH Foundation report given by Steve Young and Ayoub. They reported a good turnout for the golf tournament with 16 teams. Also reported were a couple of issues with the history wall and two misspelled names.

—held a 21-minute executive session for personnel discussion.

—noted the next board meeting will be held Monday, July 27.