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Written by Darci Tomky   

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

It’s that time of year again.

Christmas crafts.

The most wonderful time of the year. Or ... maybe the thing you dread most about Christmas. Some of you started on your Christmas crafts last April, while others of you will wait until Christmas Eve.

Either way, there are some ridiculously cute Christmas craft ideas out there right now, especially for tasty treats and yummy stocking stuffers!

Last weekend I put together some “Root Beer Reindeer” for the annual Heginbotham Library Extravaganza fundraiser this Sunday.

Here’s what you’ll need:

—One glass or plastic bottle of root beer

—Two googly eyes

—One fuzzy red nose

—Two brown pipe cleaners

—Hot glue gun

Simply glue on the eyes and nose to make a face for your reindeer. (I think it’s easier to place a small dot of glue on the eyes/nose first and then attach them to the bottle. Just be careful not to burn your fingers!)

For the large antlers, take your two pipe cleaners and leave one edge straight with three squigglies on the other side. Wrap the two ends together and attach with glue to the back of the bottle.

For pointy antlers, wrap pipe cleaners around the top of the bottle and cut at your desired length. Cut the remaining pipe cleaner in half and use those pieces to twist around the two large pieces to form the antlers.

I’ve seen some people use a scrap of cute Christmas fabric as a scarf and a nice pop of color. Instead, I printed off “Root Deer” circle tags attached with red/white baker’s twine. You could also say, “Wishing You a Merry Christmas and a Happy Root Deer” or something mushy about how “You are just so deer to me.”

Make as many as you want and give them individually or as a six-pack if your root beer came in a cute cardboard carrier!

Root-olph the Red-Nosed Root Deer, you’ll go down in history!

Holyoke Enterprise December 5, 2013